Sunday, October 24, 2021

just my Eddie Rosario and Yordan Álvarez cards

I haven't posted much lately, though I've actually been working on a very long post that probably won't be published until 2023 or 2024 (It's a "time capsule" post that tells a pretty epic tale regarding a heck of a hobby happening here at Baseball Card Breakdown HQ).

For a quick and easy post today, though, I figured I'd see what cards I have from the recent League Championship Series MVPs.

Eddie Rosario helped the Braves take down the Dodgers for the NL pennant by batting .560 with 3 big home runs. He hadn't been a guy-I-collect, but I dug through my Twins tradeables to see what I had of his, figuring I'll at least put together a page for my 9-Pocket PC binder.

Happy to find this shiny pair: a 2nd Bowman Chrome refractor (/500) and a Topps Chrome Update Mega Box RC I pulled back in 2015.

He was also in the hobby boxes I opened of Topps Pro Debut in 2014 and 2015, along with a few other more-recent cards that made their way to me, probably mostly from Rod's drop-offs.


In the AL, Yordan Álvarez single-handedly out hit the entire Red Sox lineup over the last 2 games of the ALCS to lead the Astros back to the fall classic. After missing most of 2020 to injury, seemed like collectors kinda gave up on the '19 ROY-- (oh yeah, and of course there was the whole cheating scandal that sunk the prices of all modern Astros cards)-- but he's had quite the comeback. I've been building a little PC of him for a while, though don't have anything too exciting.

A couple shiny early Bowman inserts.

A couple more Bowmans with some Topps RCs. (Opening Day rookie dupe if anyone wants to make a trade offer.)

And a few more.

Hopefully it's an exciting World Series.

Gotta go. Thanks for reading!


  1. Nice collection. The Mega Box Rosario is pretty cool.

  2. I hope the WS is exciting (but one sided :). I was so rooting for Rosario to get just one more hit, to hold the record all by himself.