Friday, August 12, 2022

Refractor Friday #8 - Dave Magadan and Harold Baines Topps All-Time Fan Favorites

Last Friday a bit after 11pm I was like, "Oh snap! I forgot to do a 'Refractor Fridays' post!" Oops.

So this week, here's a double dose of refraction to help make up for it.

Collectors love to talk shit about 1990 Topps, but what if Topps was so frightened by Upper Deck stealing the spotlight in '89 that they took extreme measures and did 100% refractors for their flagship set the next year? Sure, in reality the tech/industry wasn't quite there and even so it would be cost-prohibitive for flagship, but it's a fun game-changing scenario to think about.

Breaking News: Tatis Jr suspended 80 games. Shit. Welp, guess I'm glad I didn't go "all in" on chasing his cards. As a lifelong Padres fan, this is pretty much expected. But still a huge bummer.

..but back to our post at hand.

Alternate refraction photo. Looks like Dave's getting a hot-foot in this one.

I just realized that Topps typically leaves the players' skin non-refractory, at least in All-Time-Fan-Favorites. I don't exactly understand how refractors are made, but there are layers of ink and I guess the refractor layer can have ink behind it or in front of it.

Can still get it refractin' on the skin if angled just right, with the bright light getting thru the ink, but not as much as on the rest of the card.



Jafronius won the last one. Congrats! Cards were mailed today (sorry for the delay). Today's question isn't guess the number but rather guess the player. Be the first in the comments to guess which Mets player was my favorite in 1990 and you can win a PWE from me.

Thanks for reading and have an enjoyable weekend.


  1. Bummer about Tatis, I was really looking forward to seeing him back. I'll guess off the board with Gregg Jeffries.

  2. I think all of the refractors ever since they came out so that with the skin. Glad I wasn’t the only person to novice that.
    I wish it would’ve been a Yankee instead of Tatis. I’m sure they’ll be a powerhouse even this postseason and especially the next. Superstars at every position and rotation spot.
    I’ll guess Darryl Strawberry.

  3. Replies
    1. ding ding! Yep, HoJo was the guy. Congrats John. I need to update the prize pool, but I'll be in touch.

  4. I always kind of liked that 90 Topps design. Not my favorite, but I liked it.

  5. I'm so bummed about Tatis. Oh well... even with him... it's hard to imagine anyone taking down the Dodgers. Those guys are rolling. At the same time... it's fun seeing the Padres score runs. Now if they can just figure out the bullpen situation.

  6. Do you have any Ultra Magadans?
    I like '90 Topps as well.

  7. I'm one of those folks who isn't too keen on 1990 Topps. Even in refractor form, I don't much care for the design.

  8. These refractors look great....the etching and textured background are so much better than today's flat ones.

  9. I really need more of these Fan Favorites refractors. I think I own exactly two.

  10. After the boring 1988 and 1989 designs, young me was a big fan of 1990 Topps.