Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Vintage Frankenset Page 3

Night Owl Cards is having a vintage theme week, so figured I'd sorta ride his coattails and make an overdue post in my Vintage Frankenset series. 

Looks like I posted Page 1 in 2020, and followed that up with Page 2 in 2021. Oh nice, that means I'll hit my quota for 2022 with Page 3 here! (Yes, I regret I missed doing a "refractor friday" post last week-- I have also missed my once-per-month quota on the 1991 MusiCards Blog two months in a row now, another source of shame for me-- so I have to find my blogging victories wherever I can.)

Page 3 (yeah, it's not really a page) features card numbers 19 through 27. To recap the rules for this project: cards must be made prior to 1981, can't be flagship Topps baseball, and must fit in a standard sized top loader.

19 1975 Hostess All-Star Team #19 Willie McCovey

Always love to see Stretch as a Padre. I have a better condition copy of this card in my McCovey PC, but this creased dupe works fine in the frankenset. I briefly considered trying to go after completing all the old Hostess sets, this after making a similar goal with old Kellogg's baseball cards-- talk about stretch goals (pun)-- but then decided to go easy on myself and just scatter a few Hostess cards in the frankenset.

20 1977 TCMA Renata Galasso #20 Jackie Robinson

I have a few Renata Galasso cards in my collection, though this Jackie is the only one in the frankenset so far.

21 1961 Golden Press Hall of Fame #21 Home Run Baker

Glad I could fit a 1961 Golden Press card into the project. Pretty sure this was a cheap card show pick-up a few years back.

22 1961-62 Parkhurst #22 Al Johnson

This was a Sportlots buy specifically for the frankenset. I basically just wanted an excuse to snag an old Parkhurst hockey card. Al Johnson played in all 70 of the Red Wing's games during the '60-'61 season, but that was the majority of his NHL career. The caption for the comic reads "Sure the engine's in the back - Why do you ask?" and then again in French.

23 1963 Topps Bazooka All-Time Greats #23 Jimmy Collins

Another old-timey baseball player, got this Bazooka card in a 2019 COMC order. Oh hey, have you been enjoying the backgrounds on my photos here? I found a couple fabric sample binders recently and thought I might use them to spice up card images on the blog for a post like this.

24 1978 SSPC New York Yankees Yearbook #24 Bucky Dent

The back recaps his 1977 season, though of course it was Bucky's performance in late '78 that ended up being his legacy. Funny that the front shows him choking up and even the scoreboard seems to be saying he's an easy out.

25 1936 Carreras Famous Airmen & Airwomen #25 Amelia Earhart

Scored this neat Amelia Earhart mini a few years ago after going on a tangent while looking for Howard Hughes stuff. Cool to have a card from her "playing days" and glad I could find a home for it providing some pop for the third page in the frankenset.

26 1957-58 Topps #26 Ed Litzenberger

Like with the earlier hockey card, I was just looking for some variety for the frankenset and found an old Topps hockey card to fill an open slot. Love working in non-baseball Topps designs that I'm not very familiar with and otherwise wouldn't really have a place in my collection. While not a name that rings a bell for me (I don't really know hockey), Wikipedia tells me Litzenberger is the only player in North American hockey history to win six straight pro hockey championships (Stanley Cup in 1961, 1962, 1963 and 1964, and the Calder Cup in 1965 and 1966). Impressive! Also: "He helped instill a winning attitude as a member of the Black Hawks after having been traded from a first-place to a last-place team after noting a defeatist attitude among the players. Some of his teammates were satisfied with a tie. He reminded them that a tie was not a win and not worth celebrating."

That reminds me.. Anybody watch the Shoresy show on Hulu? Really funny hockey-themed show (spun-off from another very funny Canadian show called Letterkenny).

27 1935 Ardath Film, Stage and Radio Stars #27 Leslie Howard

The third mini of the page closes us out for today. I'm drafting up this post wondering why this guy looks so familiar... Oh, of course! He played Ashley Wilkes in Gone with the Wind (1939), which I recently watched for the second time in my life. That's cool. I don't watch a ton of old movies, but try to catch a classic from time to time.


It's a solid page overall, though maybe a little too baseball-heavy. I might try swapping somebody out for a football or basketball card someday.

Current priority for this frankenset is finding suitable cards numbered 29, 30, and 34, as those are still vacancies on the fourth page. But hey, guess I don't have to worry about posting that page until 2023, so no rush, right?! lol. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed checking out a few random old cards with me.


  1. NICE PAGE. I'll look at some vintage for those missing numbers on the next page.

  2. Jackie Robinson has a lot of great cards, but that one's always been one of my favorites.

  3. Great variety. I love the Jackie Robinson! And the 1961-62 Parkhurst design is very attractive.

  4. A vintage frankenset like that is a fun idea, and I do like the backgrounds too.

  5. Fun project, though I suppose one issue for much older cards is the lack of numbers.

    I'm guessing that the photo of Jimmy Collins is from long after his playing days.

  6. I was going to say the Parkhurst was my favorite but the Amelia Earhart makes that a much closer competition. There can't be too many cards of her during the time she was active I don't imagine.

  7. I dig having baseball, hockey, and non-sport in the same Frankenset and the diversity of sizes and shapes on the page! It would actually be cool to post one page of a Frankenset per year for, like, 40 years, but perhaps that's not all that realistic. B^)

  8. Very cool page here, the Baker and Johnson in particular. And I've never seen a vintage Amelia Earhart card before. Hope you're able to post more of these soon.

    I haven't seen Shorsey yet, but I'm about halfway through Letterkenny. Kinda hit or miss for me but I do like the four main characters.

  9. Hey, I own three of these cards as well. Of those three, the Earhart is by far my favorite.

  10. Very cool project, thanks for sharing!