Friday, May 30, 2014

4-sport vintage trade package from Mark Hoyle

It just doesn't feel like a Friday without a Baseball Card Dance Party, does it? And ironically, I really have something to celebrate today, as I came to an agreement to return to my temp job after my upcoming break/vacation/honeymoon. I had planned to "test the waters of free agency" but was able to "sign at the deadline" (or some other sports metaphor). I'll be getting a raise (money!) and working slightly less hours (sleeping in!).. so I'm very happy with the situation.

Anyways, here's a trade post. You'll just have to use the power of your imagination to have these cards dance for you.

Did you know that "E.T. Gavin" is an anagram for the word "vintage"? Well, Mark Hoyle had me phoning home and eating a bunch of Reese's Pieces with his latest package of cards.

How's that for an awkward intro?

Vintage football cards!

Vintage hockey cards! (Including 2 with ladies names!)

Vintage basketball cards!

Vintage baseball cards! Specifically, 1973 Topps needs.

Mark has been a champ helping me in my quest to complete 73 Topps, and I appreciate it very much. But I would sometimes feel left out when I'd read trade posts on other blogs about all the other great vintage cards Mark was spreading around. So I asked him if next time, he could dig up some available vintage cards besides 73 Topps, and as you saw, he came through (plus more 73s!). While I'm not a big collector of non-baseball cards, I do like to dabble here and there, and I really love checking out "new to me" designs from yesteryear, which is where non-baseball shines. So even though I'm not at all familiar with most of these guys (feel free to school me in the comments), these are very fun additions to my card collection. Thanks again, Mark!

He even threw in a Marquis.. it's not a 1990 Upper Deck, but I'll take it.
Have a good great weekend, everybody!

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  1. Looks pretty cool seeing all four sports in one post... I'll keep digging for the 73's