Friday, May 23, 2014

Baseball Card Dance Party!!!!!!

It's FRYYdaeeeeee! 3-day weekend, to boot!

Time to dance.
I think I might go ahead and call this the final Baseball Card Dance Party.. at least for a while (These next few weeks will be big for me.. [possibly/probably?] leaving my job.. Hawaiian vacation.. getting married.. throwing a big wedding reception party back home after we get back. So making silly looking gifs of baseball cards from my for-trade box will be on the backburner). So let's make this one to remember!

Word t' ya moms!

 Dat shit is Hyped up!

Bump it, stump it, trip on this!

Card Show Weekend for me! I'll be looking to drop 20-ish bucks on sweet additions to my collection, plus keeping an eye out for stuff for trading buddies.

Have a great weekend, guys. Keep on dancing.


  1. Have a good one. Enjoy the card sh... sh..zh..zhzhzhhz sh Zhzh zhkdj zhzhz sh sh... show. Sorry, had a little Mark Ellis induced seizure there.

  2. I think you should cram in buying a house and adopting a child into the next few weeks, because you don't have enough going on. Congrats on everything and good luck keeping up!