Monday, May 12, 2014

Anybody want Target coupons for Topps?

Still got these coupons for Topps products at Target which will expire before a whole lot longer.  Anybody want to put them to good use?

I'll try one last call for trade.. (not looking for much, just like a couple random cards of guys I collect off my wantlist would be great; whatever.. just make it roughly worth the stamp).. and if I still get no takers, I'll probably do a quick giveaway/contest for 'em.

$5 off 2014 Heritage value box (exp 6/1/14)
$1 off three (3) packs of Opening Day (exp 6/15/14)
$1 off two (2) packs of Gypsy Queen (exp 7/6/14)
$1 off two (2) packs of Chipz (exp 7/28/14)
$5 off Series Two value box (exp 9/7/14)

A "value box" is a blaster, right? So that's not a bad deal, 5 bucks off.

I'll hang onto the Archives coupon (buck off a hanger), as that's probably the last '14 product I'll buy any of this year.

Let me know. Thanks!


  1. I'll bite. I had one of these coupon books and I've already used all the coupons aside from the stuff that hasn't been released yet. I can send you a few cards in return, definitely.