Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ripken refraction action via Zippy Zappy trade

Probably the best kind of traders to trade with are those whom it's impossible to tip the scales against. No matter what you send them, they'll find a way to trump it with what they send you. Though I've only traded with him a couple times, I'm pretty sure Zippy Zappy fits into this category. Let's take a look at some cards from this latest package he generously bestowed upon me.

Revisionist history? Hats off to Bowman for finding a way to make their universally-hated 1989 set almost seem like a cool design. Standard card dimensions, limited to beloved stars and hot rookies, good action photography, throw some crystally refraction sparkles over it, give it a cool name like "Bowman Is Back Silver Diamond Refractors", and BOOM, it works!

Here are some more cards, including #'d cards of Miggy and A-Gon. I forgot Adrian was a local San Diego area guy. He went to Eastlake H.S. in Chula Vista. I worked in a computer shop in Chula Vista for a couple months years ago.. Just a defgav fun fact.

Zippy's got Yankees to spread around. I watched Pride of the Yankees for the first time a couple weeks ago. Good flick. Thanks again, Fuji, for the recommendation.

Vintage! Always fun to get, even if these are-- forgive me for saying-- quite ugly cards.

Howbout some neat vintage cartoons?

Good stuff.

We close out this post with a few rookies and prospects of varying potential. Some (potentially) big names in that group!

Thanks again, Zippy! Always fun trading with ya.


  1. I'm a big fan of the "Bowman is Back" cards. They're even cooler with your action-refraction.

  2. Always good when the vintage is the Sox

  3. Glad you got the cards safely. Hope I can send you an even better package next time.