Monday, May 12, 2014

McCovey Monday

Taking a page from ARPsmith to show off a Willie McCovey card. Back in the day, a McCovey rookie card was an unattainable card to me akin to 1952 Topps Mantle. I'd see a picture of it in an issue of Beckett or something and just think, "Wow!" But hey, God bless America here in the year 2014, the other day I picked one up for 20-something bucks. Nice!

What a gorgeous card! A bit off-center to the top, but otherwise tip-top!

Man, owning this card means a lot to me and reaffirms my love of the hobby.

I was looking for a 2014 "framed" reprint and this original popped up in eBay's suggestions for a decent price and I ended up winning it.

Very cool. Still would like to get one of those framed reprints sometime.

Love Willie Mac!, largely due to his Padres ties. I featured him in a segment called One Last Card last year which I ended up only doing once. I realized other bloggers such as GCRL do/have done similar posts for most notable guys' "final tribute"/"sunset" cards, so I didn't think I really needed to bother rehashing anything. But I still do love last playing-days cards with full stats on the back. Satisfying.