Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mystery Binder from Listia (pt 4)

Here we are with the thrilling conclusion to the binder containing 200+ cards I got cheap from a local Listian over the weekend. First, we got a nice Pablo Sandoval card. Then, a shred of a CC Sabathia jersey. After that, a guy named like my name.

Now we come to the final few pages. Let's take a look, won't we?

Page 19
Round Up: Lots of Donruss. Fun Fact: Did you know that Gary Redus and Gary Pettis were different guys? I always assumed they were the same player. I stand corrected. They are 2 different men named Gary.
Winner: David Murphy rookie? He's had some good years.
Loser: Chip Hale rookie? He never had any good years. Nah, he did ok in '93 (.333 in 69 games).

Round Up: Hey, 3 HOFers and a couple also-very-good's.
Winner: That's a nice looking Kirby.
Loser: Tim Layana. 1991 Score never did much for me.

Round Up: I think the '07 Topps Phil Nevin is the only duplicate of the binder (also popped up in Part 3).
Winner: Hell, let's give it to Kirby twice in a row. I love Paul Molitor, but that looks more like a photo of your uncle in a Boy Scouts outfit.
Loser: Pat Clements.. no love for '89 Topps. None.

Page 22
Round Up: Here are 9 more baseball cards. Yep, there they are.
Winner: 3-way tie: Carpenter, Konerko, Buehrle. If I was more stat-minded, I'd look up which of these guys has the most career WAR+ or whatever to find out which is the best player on paper and then crown him the winner of the page.
Loser: Sorry, '89 Ed Whitson, but you've got a crease, dropping your value from 1 cent down to 0.1 cent.

Round Up: I'm not gonna run the exact numbers, but I can confidently say that the most populous set of the binder is 2007 Topps. I guess it's a fine set. The black border is cool. The firework pixels in the corners are kinda weird, but ok.
Winner: Chipper Jones cracking a smile in the batter's box.
Loser: That Lance McCullers is a seriously damaged piece of cardboard. Time to be flicked into the recycle bin.

Round Up: Last page. Yet more '07 Topps to close it out. Shawn Riggans there in the middle seriously looks like a Little League photo.. maybe JV high school.
Winner: Geez, it's a weak field. I guess I'll go with Mark Loretta, as I remember him fondly for his days as a Padre.
Loser: Scioscia has seen better days.

Well, there ya have it. Not really any "hits" here in the last quarter of the binder. I guess the David Murphy RC is the top card of these few pages.. his average is down this year, but he seems to be a decent player. (UPDATE: Upon taking the David Murphy out of the page, the tragic sight of a very damaged back was revealed. Dang. trash)

To wrap up the binder.. I'd definitely get it again, were I thrown back through time to the moment before I bid on it. Some decent cards in it. And my collection is pretty light on cards from the past 20 years, so it was cool to get some relatively-recent stuff. But lots of junk wax I don't have any use for, really. And many of the cards are in rough condition. Probably wouldn't be worth the postage cost to ship it all, including the binder itself and all the junk. But yeah, for just 75 Listia credits and a drive a few zip codes over, it was worth it.

Oh, and I guess there's also the binder itself. It's a nice binder. Puffy front cover. D-ring. Quality craftsmanship. But honestly, I'm not really a "binder guy." I prefer penny sleeves and top loaders. I like to hold a card in my hands and flip it over and then back again. Plus I get frustrated trying to organize my cards in multiples of 9.

Again, if you need any of these cards, I'm probably up for a trade, so let me know. As always, thanks for reading and taking this adventure with me!

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