Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Blake Snell PC

Exciting times to be a Padre fan! I've learned not to get my hopes up too high, but hey, looks like San Diego will be fielding a competitive team for at least the next couple years. Should be fun.

Blake Snell is a guy I've been collecting a bit for the past few years, so it's cool for me to welcome him to my hometown team. Here are the cards I've got in my player collection as of his trade to the Padres.

This 2011 1st Bowman Chrome refractor is a good one to lead off with.

Also have the base version and rookies from Bowman and Bowman Platinum.

Sweet assortment of Topps/Chrome RCs.

More Topps flagship designs.

Other Topps stuff, including a yellow Triple Threads RC #/99.

Ginter, Archives, Heritage, etc.

A few Panini cards. Some of these you can pretend are in Padres uniforms before they brought back the brown.

Closing out with the hits. I pulled the Bowman Inception auto myself back in 2016 (it's signed on-card, though it might not look like it at first glance). Then there's a nice fat jersey swatch, and a dual-relic stickergraph #'d /199 on the back.. solid card.

I'd be happy to receive any Blake Snell cards not pictured here in trade. Looking forward to adding some cards depicting him in brown & gold during the coming year, and fingers crossed for another Cy-caliber season from him.


  1. Dang, that is quite the Snell collection! I am hoping that this is the year for the Padres.

  2. The trade hurts me as a Rays fan, but it’s good to see decent Padres fans like you get rewarded. I might have to send you some non-essential Snell cards to help me forget the trade. Sternberg clearly doesn’t give a crap about the fans in Tampa or ever seeing the team compete, and the fact that they do without spending money is mostly luck. Glad the Padres do what it takes to win. They will have a title soon.

  3. Replies
    1. Yeah, I probably will soon. I don't have a Darvish auto though, so that's a big hole in the PC.

  4. As a Yankee fan I was happy to see this trade, but not shocked. Always good to see a division rival weaken themselves but the Yankees actually did OK against Snell.

  5. Geez, it looks like you've been anticipating this trade for a few years.

    A pox on the Rays for what they do to their fans year after year.

  6. Dude. You have an awesome collection. I have a Snell autograph for my lefty PC, but I'll have to see if I have any of his rookie cards laying around. Very stoked to see Preller actively trying to build a team that can compete against the Dodgers.

  7. That's a fantastic collection of a young ace...happy for the Padres to pick him up, kinda hoping he would end up with the Yankees or Nationals. The Pads rotation is going to be nice to watch!

  8. Nice Snell PC! I had a feeling he would be a goner after getting yanked from Game 6 of the World Series but I thought he'd be the one initiating the trade. Regardless, Tampa is sure to regret letting him go.