Wednesday, February 3, 2021

trio of trades

Here are a few more highlights of the keepers from the longbox of ~500 cards Rod gave me the other weekend. I was happy to help him out with some missing numbers in his Padres frankenset in exchange.

A Lou Bob RC and some lovely WWE gals lead the way here. Always a rare treat when I receive '89 Bowman cards that don't have at least one dinged corner.. lol. Cool shot of Vlad, plus a mini Polar Bear.

Thanks again, Rod!

- - --o

Dennis kindly sent me over a nice bubble-mailer last month, highlighted by a need for my slow-going Kellogg's run and a Christmas Card of Nathan Peterman (note the "12/25" down by his feet). Neat 4-color swatch there.

The rest of the package was heavy on black gold. Very cool.

Thanks, Dennis! I'll round up a return for you soon.

- ---o

Another long-time trading buddy, Matt from what I know best as Sport Card Collectors but is now called Matt's Wonderful Blog Of Hobbies surprised me with a PWE heavy on Michael Sam, though Tim Duncan is probably the highlight here.

Thanks, Matt! I'll hit you back with some NY Giants shortly.


  1. Are you collecting Kaepernick now?

    1. I was about to ask that as well. I have some send if that's the case lol