Friday, February 12, 2021

Snow Day

Ruby's first snow day! This is probably the best out of the many photos I snapped of her today.

I wanted to get another post out after last posting in a bad mood. I'm doing ok now.. was just having a bit of the ol' "baseball card breakdown" that gives this blog its name. lol. (and also stress from work and the other dumb stuff weighing on me.) Thanks for all the well wishes.. You all are the best!

Let's pull a couple cards off the "To be posted" stack to take a look at. I've got a lot of stuff in that stack, but most of it is just waiting for me to muster up the drive to tackle the stuff that'll be time-consuming to write about. A lot of these cards I feel so strongly about that I don't want to half-ass a post for them, but then I just keep putting it off because lately it's hard for me to find the energy needed to put into a big post like that. But here are some cards that I don't have too much to say about!

But first, a baseball trivia question for ya... 

Only two outfielders have won a Gold Glove in their final season. One is Roberto Clemente. Who is the other?

this guy...

Maybe you remember a few months back when I posted my Alex Gordon PC and lamented the fact that the only auto I had of his was an unlicensed stickergraph and that I wanted to score a better one someday? Well, I did! I got this early Bowman Chrome refractor auto. Love it! This is his first Bowman auto, even if it doesn't carry the 1st Bowman designation (I guess he had a base card in 2006 Bowman, but this auto is from 2006 Bowman Chrome?)

21/500. Nice cherry on top of my little Gordon collection.

Wally Joyner doesn't have many autographs featuring him from his Padres days. I liked him well enough during his stint in San Diego and figured I'd score a cool card to commemorate it. Don't mind an excuse to add another framed Ginter mini to my collection. They're adorable.

I bought this Ted Simmons 2013 Panini Golden Age auto way back in the carefree days of January 2020 but just never got around to posting about it. I suppose I don't have to post about every card I add to my collection, but there's something procedural about doing so that I appreciate. Simmons has surprisingly few certified autographs on the market for a guy of his stature (fan favorite, recent HOF veterans committee inductee). I thought this was the best looking of his couple autos available. The catchers gear picture mitigates it being unlicensed. Was it Jon (Penny Sleeves) who was working on this auto checklist? I think it's a great design. Great to get Simba representing in my collection with a sharp auto.

Let's close out the post with my first wallet card photo of the year. Looks like I'll be spending my 3-day weekend relaxing at home. Stay warm, guys!


  1. I like Wally Joyner’s auto! I’ve never seen it.

  2. The Golden Age Simmons card is a terrific looking card. You're right, that design is most excellent.
    Thanks for the pic of the pup! Looks like she was having some fun.

  3. Hey, there are lots of reasons that things are tough right now, not that people don't go through stuff at other times. We're here for you.

    That Simmons is a great card. Makes me wish I had searched for an auto of him more before he was elected to the Hall. Maybe now that he's in they'll make more. Not only does he not have a lot of autos, I don't even recall seeing him on modern cards often at all.

  4. Was just commenting on Rod's post about the snow. My friend sent me pictures from Lake Oswego and it's gorgeous. Ruby is looking like she's having a blast. Cool Joyner. I should grab one for my Padres PC. As for Simba... I was in the market for one of his autographs a few years ago and really wanted his Archives Fan Favorites card... but they sell for a lot. I was able to pick up a slabbed and signed rookie card for less than that.

  5. you guys got a good amount of snow over there, nice! glad you're feeling better too, i totally get the stressfull days with work and life in general.