Tuesday, March 2, 2021

my "thank you" notes

I usually try to include a little "thanks for the trade" note when I send out return cards to my trader buds. Sometimes it's just on a little piece of blank scratch paper, but sometimes I use custom misprints or the like if I've got something interesting in grabbing distance when I'm packing up the cards.

So just a heads up that if you trade with me and my "thank you" note is a "card" that has writing on back, I don't consider it a "real" custom of mine.. just scratch paper that you won't hurt my feelings if you throw away. But sure, keep it if you wanna. And feel free to request a "real" version of the custom, and once my desktop computer gets fixed (looks like I need to buy a copy of Windows 10 because my Windows 7 on that computer that I use for making customs went kaput), feel free to ask and I'll likely hook you up on our next trade.

Too Many Verlanders recently got such a note on the back of a Frank Drebin. I figured I'd get a post out of a little backstory there.

I recently celebrated the 5-year anniversary at my current place of employment. The slacker that I am, this is easily the longest I've worked at any one company. I recently got a bonus and a raise, and if eBay will do another "eBay Bucks" promo one of these days, I might pull the trigger on some celebratory cardboard. Feels good to be appreciated, yada yada yada

I only mention it because it was at my previous job where I printed out a few "cards" on standard printer paper with the intention of using them for notes, but then I lost interest in that plan and they were cast aside until recently revisiting them when I moved last year.

At first I thought it was cool, but then I started worrying that people might think I was trying to counterfeit cards. But again, these are on regular ol' paper and no one would think they were real in-hand, but still.

I'd feel bad about these going to waste, so I recently started cutting them into card-sized pieces. So if you trade with me sometime in 2021, heads up you might get a bonus "card" printout along for the ride.. with a little note on the back.

Again, just a fun bonus, don't feel like you need to hang onto them.

The worst is when I use a rejected custom where my printer crapped out and the blogger is like "look at this bonus custom Gavin sent me!" and I'm thinking like... "No! That's a reject! Just a note! My customs are usually better looking than that!" LOL

So yeah, just for the record my thank you notes shouldn't be treated like real cards, but I guess that's up to everyone to decide what's worth keeping.

Me? I appreciate thank you notes with trades, but I'm not one of those traders who keeps them. (though I do save [collect] "blogger cards" and more recently also "blogger business cards".) I admit I have a hard time throwing away greeting cards from loved ones. Like when my mom sends me a birthday card, I wrestle with hanging onto it or not. 

Hey, I cherish this card I got from my Aunt Karen around the time I moved up to Portland. I digitalized a bunch of old family photos (so I wouldn't have to move them) and sent DVD copies to the family, and this was a thank-you she sent me.

She's currently battling pancreatic cancer, so it'd be nice if you could send her your prayers / good thoughts. Despite the name "Karen" becoming a bad word in recent years, she's a wonderful person!

Howabout you guys, do you save all greeting cards you get? Maybe just a few special ones? Or do they all end up in the trash?


  1. Definitely sending thoughts/prayers to your aunt and your family. I save most greeting cards and all handmade cards/notes. During the pandemic I've switched from buying real greeting cards as I don't want to be touching too much stuff. Which might be excessive.

  2. I don't like hobby waste, so I appreciate you using your custom scraps as a notes.

    Wishing you the best for your aunt Karen.

  3. If there's a nice note written, I'll keep a greeting card... but I learned a long time ago that there's just not enough space to keep every one I receive. There are some years where I receive 20 to 30 Christmas cards from students, staff, and family... and I might keep 3 or 4 of them.

  4. Best wishes to your aunt. Cancer sucks.

    I too have a problem with getting rid of greeting cards. I still have a couple taped up boxes in the garage with the stuff. I'll have to go through them one of these days to see if they're still in good condition.

    And if somehow we wind up trading in 2021 I would love a Drebin card...thanks in advance!

  5. Best wishes to your aunt.

    I got an email from eBay saying they are discontinuing eBay bucks.

  6. Wishing Karen the best. As Bo said, I was bummed to hear that eBay is cancelling the standard 1% eBay bucks on all purchases effective 4/1. There will still be promotional Bucks events, but not on every purchase any longer...

  7. I hang on to extras thrown in by bloggers. Obviously customs, but business cards or other creations. Not so much with greeting cards.

  8. Prayers to your Aunt! Yes, I keep some cards.

  9. All the best to Aunt Karen! I used to keep the "thank you" notes, but they just got too scattered (even for me) to justify having around. Though I do love every single one I get - and I, too, try to dash out a few words with all the cards I send.

  10. All the best to your aunt, and her fight! By the by, the whole "Karen" thing is really getting old.

  11. I do keep some greeting cards. Prayers out to your Aunt Karen.