Monday, March 22, 2021

The Shining Baseball Card C0ntest

Last week month-- sorry, I've been sitting on this draft for a while-- the weather got real bad for a few days. Thankfully it didn't get bad-bad like some parts of the country, but it was tense for a while there, the worst of it being on President's Day when the power went out for a few hours in the morning and the internet was out all day (luckily it was a work holiday for my wife and I). With heavy snow falling, we just had to wait it out. And without streaming entertainment, it was old school physical media to the rescue.

Since starting up my big List of Baseball Cards in Movies and TV list a while back, I'm always on high alert to spot trading cards or anything Hobby-related in any entertainment I may find myself viewing. It's always a thrill when I discover something, especially in a favorite movie of mine that I had never previously noticed... like last month when I discovered a bunch of late 80s cards in a scene in Back to the Future Part II. And my latest discovery is in The Shining.

The film was perfect entertainment for an evening snowed in and (sorta) cut off from the world.

I'm generally not much into movies falling under the "horror" genre, but The Shining is one of the few fright flicks that I love. Got it on Blu-ray a couple Christmases ago in a Kubrick bundle with 2001: A Space Odyssey (another fav) and A Clockwork Orange (fine too).

But anywho, yeah, it was a thrill to spot a baseball card hidden in The Shining. I'm curious if anybody else can identify it, and thought it'd be fun to make a little contest out of it.

Yep, I've confidently identified a specific baseball card that is visible in The Shining. Be the first to name it in the comments of this post and win a cardboard prize. (The main reason for the delay posting this is I couldn't decide on a specific prize, so I think I'll just tailor the prize to the winner based on team preference or perhaps put together prize lot options to choose from.)

I'm looking for YEAR / BRAND / PLAYER NAME

Gotta give me all 3 identifying factors. As for the ground rules, let's say you can make one guess per day. Maybe I'll help out with hints in future posts if needed, but we'll see if it comes to that. Due to postage concerns, winner must have a US address to be sent the prize.

Ok, here are three official prize options. Spahn, John, or pray for random. For "option 3" the winner will pick a favorite MLB team and I'll do my best to deliver a good package of cards for ya.

If you don't own the movie but still want to give it an investigative watch, here's a JustWatch link pointing you to places to stream and/or purchase it. (not a sponsored ad or anything, just trying to help.)

Yaz makes his mark in the film, too.. but not in card form.

One hint I can give you right off the bat is that the mystery card happens to be a card listed as a need within my wantlist(s).. and it's been there for a while, not like I just added it since finding out it has a tiny cameo in one of my favorite movies. But hey, it is a good ploy to get people looking at my wantlists.. and well, if while you're there you notice a couple cards I need that you might like to send my way in a friendly little swap, so be it! hah

Thanks for reading and good luck.

What baseball card is featured on screen in The Shining?


  1. No idea about The Shining but very curious about Back to the Future. In the antique shop?

  2. There's more of a chance i look at your want list in an attempt to figure out the card than watch the movie. Stuff like that freaks me out.

  3. 1978 Kellogg's George Foster?

    1. Wow, that was quick! You got it, Fuji! Please let me know which prize option you'd like.

    2. A. Thank you for the contest.

      B. Haven't watched The Shining in awhile. I put it on right before class and between periods (on HBO Max) and saw the Frosted Flakes box in the pantry. It was hard to see from my laptop, so I played in on my television and knew it was a Kellogg's card. From there... I went over to COMC and looked at anything similar and the 78K Foster was the only card that resembled the card on the cereal box. I had a lot of fun solving that mystery.

      C. I'll go with the Spahn. He'll make a nice addition to my Lefty HOF PC.