Saturday, December 24, 2022

Christmasy Cards pt. 1

Just about Christmas. Here are some festive cards.

I likely I have more red/green card siblings, but this couple pairs jumped to mind.

While the refraction on this 2021 Chrome Anniversary parallel was a bit of a letdown in hand-- barely more shine than a foilboard card-- I was still very happy to pick up a Hoyt Wilhelm Christmas Card earlier this year.

Ho Ho Hoyt!

Bruce Sutter sadly passed away earlier this year. When this card popped up on eBay in the wake of his death, I overpaid some for it, but not because he just died but because it was numbered 12/25 and so I would have overpaid for it anytime.

RIP, Mr. Sutter.

The rough and tough Charlie Hough!

Numbered 12/25 as well!

Last Topps Retired card for this post is a very merry Maz. Woo, that's a lovely card!

12/25 to boot!

My buddy Wes sent me a Christmas Card with a card for christmas inside.

Thanks Wes (and Amy)!

Bo hooked me up with some '92 Leaf black gold needs from a recent haul of his. Thanks, Bo!

Here's Ruby enjoying some of our recent inclimate weather. 

K, guys, I know Baseball Card Breakdown had a down year-- not even nominated in the "Favorite Blogs to Read" category this year at Nachos awards, ouch!-- but I'm tryin to get on anti-anxiety meds that should hopefully help me get my shit together. Plus I may be "back to the office" in 2023, and honestly that would be good for the blog because the heyday of this blog was written during downtime at work, pre-covid. So we'll see.

Christmasy post part 2 is coming in a few hours with all the "holiday surprise" '91 Fleer doodles.

See ya soon, and Merry Christmas!


  1. Happy belated birthday! I've had a down year as well, but like you still kicking.

    1. Thanks, Billy! Not belated.. You got it in under the wire for the west coast!

  2. Merry Christmas, and a belated Happy Birthday! I hope to see you blogging more in '23 but more importantly I hope you're well.

    p.s. those Topps Retired autos are always a joy to see, especially with 12/25 serial numbering.

  3. Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas! Thanks again for the Mattingly, I'll be posting it soon.

    Hope 2023 is great for you!

  4. As always... I'm blown away by all of those shiny refractor autographs you have. They're gorgeous. But the Gwynn collector in me is even more envious of those two Topps Career Leaders cards. Glad they kicked off this post.

    Merry Christmas, happy birthday, and here's to an awesome 2023. Sorry to hear about the anxiety thing. I started having them about ten years ago and I wouldn't wish them on anyone.