Thursday, December 15, 2022

Trades and heads up on my new Trade Bait page

Time to catch up on some incoming cards. 

Let's kick off with my first trade with Hal, whom I became familiar with via Twitter a couple years ago. At the time, he lived pretty close to me, but by the time we finally got around to swapping cards, he had moved out of state.. bummer! Could have been nice to meet in person and save some postage. But better late than never, right?

These '72 Topps needs helped me reach the 80% complete milestone with the set. My goal from earlier in the year to finish it during its 50th anniversary is going to come up well short, but I'll keep on plugging away, and who knows, maybe this time next year I'll be wrapping it up..?

Thanks, Hal! Once I get more cards logged into TCDB you might need, I hope we can trade some more.

-  - -o

Speaking of TCDB, here's a little trade I was able to hammer out on there with a user who goes by DyeHardFan.

I was targeting that Dave Stieb ATFF refractor (if you have any ATFF refractors available for trade, I'm your guy), and got some cognac on the side.

Thanks, Ian!

-  - -o

Next up is a package from Bob at Best Bubble.

Wow, that's a big lot of 1992 Leaf black gold! I mentioned recently that I was shelving much of my "early 90s black gold" pursuits in favor of focusing on this parallel setbuild. Still love the look of these. I figured this was a blind bulk lot sure to have several dupes for me, but no, turned out to be all needs! Very nice of Bob to go through my wantlist for this set.

It wasn't all '92 Leaf, though, as Bob also sent along a black refractor and some ladies.

I'd been wanting one of these Batman Returns glowing stickers since I found out about them while putting together my big list of glowing trading cards, so I was thrilled to see Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman here.

I still haven't hit Bob back from his previous package, so I'm deeper in his debt now. I'll have to start planning a 2023 edition of the Bubble Gum Baseball custom set I did earlier this year.

Thanks, Bob!

-  - -o

Now on the topic of trading and not knowing what to send back...

Seeing as I haven't gone to a card show or ripped unopened product since pre-covid times, it has become harder and harder for me to find cards to make fitting returns for people who kindly send me stuff. Logging more of my available cards into TCDB is one thing I've been trying to do lately. And another is putting together a place on the blog to feature interesting trade bait. To that end... Presenting

The Baseball Card Breakdown Trade Bait Page

Lots of autograph cards up so far, and some customs and other stuff. I'm hoping to add more soon, though December is always crazy, so who knows. But yeah, check it out and maybe we can work out a trade. 


  1. 1. Nice incoming stuff from the trades! I've got a few things set aside for you that'll be shipping around or just after Christmas :)
    2. May I please claim one of the 2003 Kirk Gibson Topps Retired autos plus the 2004 Refractor auto of him for a future deal? I'd love to get the George Kell from 2003 as well but that may be overdoing it. Please feel free to hit me up on email (gmail, caljr3000) or elsewhere if you want to make a deal for those, thanks!

  2. Great idea. I tried something similar, not as in depth and sorted as this but had no luck and never moved anything.

    I bet you will do well with what you have to offer

  3. Bo wound up with a bunch of those 92 Black Golds to trade. Love Catwoman glowing, pretty cool.

  4. Getting as far as you have on your '72 set is still really impressive. Had the boom never started, and prices not gone up, you probably would have finished it by now. And I've got one of those Catwoman stickers too. It's pretty nifty!

    That Boog on your trade page is awfully tempting, but the thought of having to try and do any more formal trading... I don't know, maybe I'll wait a few weeks and see if anyone else claims it.

  5. That Stieb is gorgeous! Love the 1992 Leaf Black Gold parallels! Looks like you're making some serious progress on your set build.