Sunday, December 4, 2022

Fred McGriff, HOFer!

I'm very happy Fred McGriff finally got the Call to the Hall! I figured I'd celebrate by taking a look at a few highlights of my Crime Dog PC.

'Murica. McGriff.

This is an oversized proof of his 1995 Topps Stadium Club Ring Leader insert. What an audacious card! I was making this gif while listening to the HOF announcement live. Kind of a bummer that we didn't get more new HOFers along for the ride, but really just happy one of my favorite players ever made it.

Back to the card, I really appreciate getting the full artwork of blank-backed proof. I should frame this badboy. For comparison, here's the standard cut version:

Looking at the rings and stars in the corners makes it clear this is a tighter crop.

Thumbing through my McGriff PC.. Nice, didn't realize I had so many rookies! That's the first slabbed card I ever bought shortly after returning to the hobby. Lol, gem mint 10!

As a young Padres fan in the early 90s, I loved having Fred in San Diego and was bummed he didn't stick around longer. He doesn't seem to have a lot of certified autos picturing him on the Padres, but this buyback works. I also have a couple McGriff autos in my Christmas Card collection (one Braves, one Devil Rays, pretty sure).

This Cubs relic with a pinstripe completes the trifecta.

Cool, shiny die-cut that caught my eye among lots of "junk" era stuff that I need to sort, perhaps when I get around to moving the PC from my "retired" PC boxes and into my "HOF" PC boxes.

I've got 2 of this card.. one in the parallel setbuild and another for the PC. Love these 2004 Chrome black refractors, even if it's sometimes tough to get a good photo of them, as they form mini blackholes which create a vacuum of light. Once I complete the set-- if I ever do-- planet Earth may implode upon itself.

My Fred McGriff collection is Elite thanks to this card.

And let's close out on a minor league card. This is another one I got shortly after returning to the hobby as an adult back around 2012. Got it off Lista thanks to a friendly seller working out a deal with me. Turned out the seller was a cardblogger (The Great Sports Name Hall of Fame), and hey, that pleasant experience might've helped nudge me into starting a blog myself.

Oh happy day! Congrats to Fred McGriff and my fellow Crime Dog collectors!


  1. Very Happy for Fred! He's always been one of my favorite Braves and players period. Love that Ring Leader proof.

  2. Happy he got in there. My only complaint is that Keith Hernandez and Lou Whitaker didn't get the chance to join him.

  3. Very cool McGriff cards! The Ring Leaders and Power Cuts are just funky!

  4. Nice McGriff collection. The buyback is sweet! I've been trying to hunt down an on-card auto of him for several years... but they've soared out of my price range.

  5. He was easily the most qualified candidate on the list. Other than steroids, really the only qualified one (and I say that as a huge fan of the guy who had the second-most votes).

  6. McGriff and Schilling all the way!
    I've got about 10-15 McGriffs, and none compare to these.

  7. Man, those Ring Leaders are cool...but that Laser is probably may favorite. What a cool card.

  8. Even though it's obviously just a small part of your collection, this stuff here alone would qualify as a HOF collection.

  9. Very happy that McGriff got in, but disappointed that not more made it. Great collection! That Power Cuts card is fantastic!