Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Refraction Action: Dave Parker 1991 Denny's Hologram

Today's featured card isn't a true refractor, but rather a hologram card from Denny's. I remember when these Grand Slam cards were really hot for a few weeks back then. They'd sell at the local card shop for like $10-15, which is a lot for a freebee oddball! (I also remember when 1990 Post Cereal cards inexplicably commanded like $15-20 a pop for a moment there.. LOL. Oh, early 90s card values..) Now you can get them for a hair above postage cost.

Here's Dave Parker during his brief tenure in Milwaukee near the end of his career (by the time this card hit stores restaurant tables, he was already gone, moved on to Anaheim). And yep, I did in fact get this card from Denny's. I talked my family into going specifically so I could get a card. I believe this is the only 1991 Denny's card I have, but I've also got a couple from 1992 (Bonds and Paul O'Neill) which are very similar.

I still need to experiment a bit trying to find the best way to take pictures of holograms. As far as movement here, the "fireworks" in the background dance around a bit, but that's about it.

Cobra had a terrific career and I hope the veteran's committee votes him into the Hall in his lifetime. Hit .290, 2712 hits, 339 homers, lots of leading the league in offensive categories in his prime, had a cannon in the outfield, and won a couple World Series rings.

Here is the card with backgrounds outside my front door.

Looks like something out of the "Enter Sandman" video.

And hey, here's some bonus movin' baseball card action:

Again, not really a refractor, but a Chrome card looks nice in the light, too. (--though, yeah, this gif didn't turn out very good, sorry.) This is a 2003 Topps Retired Signature Edition Dave Parker auto. While my main goal right now is completing the 2004 set, it's been quiet lately, with the cards left that I need not popping up for sale (at least at a reasonable price), so my signed cardboard addiction has occasionally turned to the 2003 set for a fix. I don't think I'm gonna complete that set (I read there are something like 130+ autos in that set, as opposed to 76 in the 2004 set). But yeah, if I see a player I like at a reasonable price, I may throw a bid at it. And that's how I picked up this Dave Parker recently. His big signature can't even be contained on the card.. love it.

This has been another edition of Refractin' Action. See ya next time!

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