Friday, August 21, 2020

Progress with Kellogg's + starting yet another vintage setbuild

Three quick trades to show off today.

Fuji is a friendly guy and he doesn't like using the word "trade" very often.. He just sometimes sends out cards and/or gets cards sent to him. I was on the receiving end of some of his Kellogg's dupes that he found from my wantlists. Much appreciated, Fuji! Highlights here include Rollie and Munson.

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Geez, all these Kellogg's are making me hungry for Frosted Flakes. lol

Reader John Patrick got in touch about some available Kellogg's cards he had, and I was able to round up some 1980 Topps needs of his to achieve a deal. Lots of big names here, and in nice uncracked condition for the most part. I'm just 4 cards away from the '80K set now, with only Nolan, Yaz, Garvey, and Jack Clark standing in the way of my first completed Kellogg's set.

Thanks, John!

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Next is a second trade with reader Michael Y. following up our initial swap back in June. He sent me a solid selection of upgrades and needs for various old sets I'm working on (I absentmindedly put them away before taking photos, sorry.) But the real gem of the package was a starter lot of 1959 Topps. It's a set that's long been in the back of my mind as a set I'd like to probably build someday, but was waiting till I finished off some of the other many sets I'm currently working on, or at least stumble into a starter lot to help get me off the ground.

And here we go! I think '59s look best with a bunch of them together, which is why I plan to build this set in a binder (I'm typically a box guy).

The biggest name in the lot is Hall of Fame hurler Robin Roberts, with both a base card plus a subset pairing with Billy Pierce.

This lot from Michael more or less doubles the amount of 1959 Topps cards I have, so I figure it's finally time to put together a spreadsheet, thereby officially kicking off the setbuild:

1959 Topps Needs <--- Link

Here's where I'm starting at:

10.49% complete
512 cards left to go

Woo! I was hoping I would be in double-digits complete for this first weigh-in. Just made it at 10½% of the way to the finish line.

This is going to be a low-priority, back-burning setbuild which I won't be finishing any time soon, if ever, but at least I've got my needs up now. I pride myself on having a huge wantlist, after all. Perhaps someday once I finish the likes of '57, '64, '70, and '72, I'll then focus more on '59. I have none of the big cards.. not even a Mantle I can loan out from the PC like I do with my other vintage sets. I plan to give myself a break by not going after any of the variations.. just 1 of each card number will do. If I end up with any variations, I plan to stash them at the end of the binder.

So yeah, if you happen to have any '59s available, I'd love to try working out a trade.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.


  1. Lol. I don't trade. Exchange care packages? Sure. But don't you dare use the T-word with me :D