Monday, August 10, 2020

3 Trades

Time for another quick trade roundup.

This first one is from reader Jack S. He got in touch saying he was narrowing down his collection and had some cards he thought I could use. He didn't even really need anything in return-- always a sweet deal if you can get it!-- though I did get him to pass along a wantlist and was able to dig up a few cards for him, at least.

Kicking off with some vintage. Love getting Kellogg's in the mail! The Tony Oliva is a nice one from the first year of the cereal set, and the Ruth is my first from the '72 All-Time Greats subset. The '74 Topps Traded cards are nice upgrades for my setbuild.

Big lot of PC guys. Good stuff.

A pair of oversized cards of guys I collect.

I was a little confused by these cards at first, as I don't collect presidents. But then I remembered these guys are all mentioned in "We Didn't Start The Fire" (yet another project of mine), so yeah, might be able to use them!

A few Padres prospects and other modern dudes. I dig those Clear Vision acetate cards.

And a few solid basketball cards rounding out the package.

Thanks, Jack! Much appreciated.

-   -  - ---o

Here's a PWE from a guy on Twitter named Roy, answering my call to send me vintage needs in exchange for a Joan Jett custom pair. I needed the Fergie for my '74 setbuild, and it'll make a fine placeholder but I'll definitely hope to upgrade eventually. Didn't need the Jack Clark. A couple notable rookies from '88 Fleer fill out the envelope. Thanks, Roy. Enjoy the Jetts.

-   -  - ---o

Jay from Card Hemorrhage shot a few cards over my way recently too.

A dab of vintage here with a '79 upgrade plus a needed '74 League Leader featuring a double dose of HOF hurlers, along with a bunch of PC additions. Can't recall seeing that goofy Canseco w/ shovel card before.

And a nice grouping of big names from the past. Good stuff here, highlighted by Yount with his cycle (his 2nd such appearance in this post!), a shiny Schoendienst, and the "Nolan Knows Bo" card I was just toying with a while ago.

Thanks, Jay! I'll round up a return for you very soon.

That's it for now (also got some more great cards from Wes, but there are a bunch, so that'll be a separate post). Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Forgot about the "We Didn't Start The Fire" project. One of the most creative and unique card collecting projects out there.

  2. Yeah now I'm curious about the "We Didn't Start The Fire" status. That project is awesome.

  3. Are you familiar with single swap playing cards? Might be a solution for parts of your Billy Joel project that you can't find regular trading cards of.