Sunday, August 2, 2020

Topps Retired Triad 4 - The Butler Did It

Sometimes Retired refractors pop up on eBay at a very fair Buy-It-Now price but I miss them before they're snatched up and it makes me very sad. (This happened with a Lou Whitaker just the other day.) But sometimes I luck into snatching one of them myself, like this Juan Marichal.

Don Zimmer here wasn't as good of a deal as the Dominican Dandy, but I've always had a soft spot for The Gerbil, so I pulled the trigger.

Brett Butler here gives us a loose theme for the trio: all the guys in this post played for the Dodgers at some point.

Lots of red stats on the back. Hell, put him in the Hall! ;P

You might think I'm at a good place with this set, but I still have 54 autographs from 2005 Topps Retired left to track down. My "set" in the works includes a mix of refractors, base autos, and one autographed printing plate.

Just a quick post for today. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Pretty slick trio there, congrats on landing those!

  2. The Zimmer is wonderful. I had no idea he was in that set.

  3. Di you think a lot of others are going for the full set? Or just such cool cards they get snatched up quickly?

    1. I've heard of other guys going for the '03 or '04 Retired auto sets, but 2005 seems to be the redheaded stepchild of the 3. While I agree it's generally not as cool as the earlier 2 years, I still like the cards a lot. I assume most people who go after these cards are team collectors or player collectors. I'm the only nut I'm aware of going for all 3 auto sets (--sorta, my focus is '04, but I'll jump at a good priced '03 or '05).

  4. Nice trio. The old school Giants logo on the back of that Marichal is cool.