Friday, September 4, 2020

Incoming cardboard roundup

Time to catch up on the cards that've made their way to me from bloggers/traders over the past week or two.

But first a quick call for help.. I thought I had just completed my 1979 Topps set thanks to a recent Sportlots order and an eBay win for the last big name I needed (Nolan Ryan).. but as sometimes happens, when I went through my set for a final sort, turns out a card I thought I had was missing: #469 Lance Parrish. Can anybody be a set-killing knight in shining armor and shoot me over that card? I'll probably give it a couple weeks before I give in and pick it up at Sportlots. (Update: Thanks to Brett Alan for offering up the card!)

Now check this out..

The legendary Willie Mays! Daniel Wilson is a good dude and generously offered to pick up a reasonable want for friends of his blog. I couldn't narrow down a specific wanted card, but Daniel surprised me with a good one. I'm building all Topps flagship sets from the 70s (having already completed '71, '73, and nearly the aforementioned '79). This big name need from 1970 Topps is very appreciated. Sure it's got a badly creased corner, but that doesn't bug me much. Willie himself has escaped the crinkling, so it's all good. If a better condition copy falls into my lap at some point, great, but I'm totally cool with this one in my set.

It's a semi-high number at #600, a nice touch by Topps syncing up with his home run total. Very happy to add this to my '70 Topps setbuild.

Daniel didn't stop there, but also included a bunch of black gold cards I needed. Still love these black bordered '92 Leaf parallels!

And even more early 90s black gold. The '93 Fleer prospects weren't on my list, but I've now added them.

Thanks a lot, Daniel! I owe you one!

-   -  - ---o

My winnings from a recent game by John Miller. One of these days I'll probably add all the old Hostess sets to the long list of sets I'm trying to complete. So when this quartet was on the board, I swiped it. The Madlock is needed for the PC, but the other 3 will go towards the small cache of other Hostess cards I got.

Thanks, John!

-   -  - --o

I got in on a Bowman group break at Cards On Cards, grabbing the White Sox in hopes of scoring a nice Luis Robert. Struck out there, but I've been on the verge of adding Tim Anderson to the list of dudes I collect, and I've got a Big Hurt PC, so looks like 2 of the 3 cards I scored in the break are keepers. Kerry was cool and threw in some bonus cards too, like this pair of Chapmen and..

A bunch of Tatis inserts! Don't think I had any of these previously.

And a nice lot of basketball guys I collect.

Thanks, Kerry! Expect a little thank-you from me very soon.

-   -  - - --o

Last one for today is from good ol' Stealing Home or the other few handles he uses online, but you know who I'm talking about.. the All Trade Bait All The Time guy.

Always nice to see vintage in there!

Some other dudes I collect.

And more misc. Padres.

Thanks, man! I'll put your return in the mail shortly.

That's it for this time. Thanks for reading and have a great holiday weekend.


  1. That Willie was a pretty big get, kudos to Daniel for being willing to part with such a card.

  2. Good stuff from all! Daniel hit me with a much appreciated card as well!

  3. I've got an extra of that Lance Parrish. Consider it yours. Congratulations, your set's complete!

  4. Lots of mail! I need to get going on sending some stuff out since my mail box has been a sad land of disappointment.

  5. Your 1970 Topps Mays might have creases... but mine has one of a kind artwork ;D