Sunday, September 27, 2020

Return of the JediJeff

January 2018. A lifetime ago! I sent JediJeff a few decent cards in exchange for a Carlos Correa 2017 Panini Diamond Kings dual relic he had recently pulled. And then I waited. And waited. Real world stuff can be a bitch, and I know Jeff is a solid dude, so I tried to have patience and not bug him too much about it.

Woo! 32 months later, the card in question has arrived in my collection. LOL, it probably would have been more appreciated before the cheating scandal made this current Astros team universally hated outside of Houston diehards.

Ha, it's like a time capsule back to a previous wantlist.

Wow, ok now Jeff is getting my attention here in 2020. Awesome assortment of Trout! Those 2016 Topps Heritage 1967 Stand-Ups were tough pulls, I remember thanks to Night Owl collecting them, I think. Oh snap, I just looked up that 2013 Panini Prizm Fearless green parallel.. it's a $100+ card these days! Ok, I'm going to need to put together a strong package for Jeff to say thanks for this, trade "interest" or not!

That Bryce Harper Beckett card is the same as the similar Trout above, but the other side of it. Jeff gave me 2 of them so I can have one for each PC.. very courteous of him!

More cool stuff like a shiny Mookie, numbered Didi, Soto rookie.

Some '64 Topps spicing up the bunch of cards with a little vintage. Tom Haller is a semi high number I needed. Sweet!

Nice looking Star Wars cards here.

I did a little "pack searching" to see who's in these unopened packs of 2018 Archives coins. Would you look at that.. I've got player collections going for all six of these guys! It's times like these that I feel a bit like a player-collecting slut.

Hall of Famers. Much respect.

I need to move my Larry Walker PC from the "retired guys" section into the "hall of famers" section. I probably need a few of these.

And a pretty legit smattering of random Padres.

Thank you, Jeff! This is a trade I'll never forget (partially because it lasted a fair chunk of my life, lol, but also that sweet Trout surprise). Dare I say it was worth the wait!

Now let's start work on another trade that takes nearly 3 years for that orange Tatis. ;)


  1. In regard to waiting for the Correa:

    The moment I pulled that green Trout it went into your pile. Glad it's something that would normally be a no go for you because of it's price. I had no realized all the coins were PCs.

    No wait - I mean I TOTALLY knew that they were.

    And lastly: you'll have to wait forever for the orange Tatis. It's numbered to /25. Have you seen what the last few have sold for? If you want it sooner, it should be on Ebay the day after he wins the MVP. That should really drive up the price. :) I am hoping to flip that orange into a 64 Mantle, Rose Koufax and Clemente. Maybe more.

    1. But if it was 12/25, then it would have to go to me, right?! Haha, nah but good luck on getting a fat sale to kick some 64 Topps ass. That'll be nice for ya.

  2. Yup, still need a handful of those Heritage standups. I believe Trout is one of them (I don't remember, but I know it's one of the big names). Totally my fault though, stopped pursuing them.

  3. I try not t be that guy but I swore out loud when I saw that 1981ish Stargell and realized that Topps didn't use the pillbox cap which was in the original 1981 set.

  4. That trade package was insane... but that Tatis lot for $5 is next level. Can't wait to see what someone pays for that orange parallel.

  5. Great package that was full of great stuff!

  6. I think the green Trout more than makes up for the delay. JediJeff is good people!

  7. I don't know anything about color parallels but Jeff's trades are worth waiting on. I like those McQuarries!

  8. I'd say that was worth the wait! I'm starting to think people just pick a random Trout card and say "I'm gonna pay $100 for THAT one now." Trout has a lot of great cards, but that's probably one of his least attractive ones.