Saturday, November 21, 2020

Waiting For COMC / Pedro pickups

I finally pulled the trigger on a COMC order I'd been building for over a year. I was hoping to wait until they got their long shipping delays under control, but no such luck. At this point, I figured I should at least get in the queue before the Black Friday sales add to the bottleneck.

The shipment includes 189 cards. (Apparently they don't do the $5 credit for every 100 cards anymore, but I had originally planned to go to 200.) My estimated ship date is 2/18/2021. Now we wait!

I believe this is my 30th order from COMC. That's the above 20 plus 10 more "Other Shopping Cart Purchases" between 3/19/13 and 1/9/15 that are counted differently for some reason.

Ah, remember the good old days of $3 flat shipping and it just took about a couple weeks to show up to your door? Now it's $4.99 and 3+ months. I think I'm gonna try giving the Sportlots "box" thing a try and use COMC less until they get their shit together.

Here are a couple recent Sportlots pickups. These were both 1-card purchases, and even with the separate shipping, they ran me about a buck each and took about a week to show up. Best price on COMC right now is $7.25 for the '09 Update and $19.99 for the Heritage. Don't forget about that $4.99 shipping and a 3+ month wait. Ok, I'm done bitching about COMC now; sorry for the negativity.

But back to the cards, I've got a decent Pedro PC with 100+ different cards, but it bugged me I didn't have any cards from his 2009 sunset stint with the Phillies. I remember I was pretty excited when he came back mid-season. He was solid for Philadelphia and I had hoped he'd make a similar return in 2010, but nope.

Another Pedro Martinez card I scored recently was this one for my 2004 Topps Chrome black refractor set. Love these rainbow in the dark beauties! It's the 250th card I've added out of 487 on my checklist, good for 51.3% complete. 2004 was a good year for Pedro, adding a World Series ring to go along with his 3 Cy Young awards.

Thanks for swinging by.

p.s. While we're at it, here's a couple bonus 2004 black refractors for the birthday boys today.


  1. Man, I LOVE those black refractors! Big Pedro fan too. Maybe I'll be showing my 5 favorite pedros soon!

  2. Feel free to be as negative about ComC as possible. You'd think that for someone living in Oregon, it wouldn't be a 3 month wait. I wish I didn't have the $99 I have sitting there in credit.

  3. Consider yourself fortunate. I purchased a few hockey cards on COMC back in early October. I just received notification that my order is being filled with an expected delivery date of March 2, 2021!
    -anonymous paul-

  4. The Musial auto is most impressive but man do I love those Pedro cards!

    I'm also waiting for a COMC order, which I started building last year. Requested it in July. It was supposed to ship in October. I got the 'processing' email 2 weeks ago, but not the 'shipped' email. In all likelihood, this will be my last order with COMC.

  5. I think I managed to cram over 300 cards into my latest COMC order, but it's not even scheduled to be shipped until February. Dunno what the heck is going on over there.

  6. Oh man... I knew about Musial's birthday, but dropped the ball on The Kid. Best of luck on your COMC order. I requested shipment back on 8/1 with an estimated shipping date of 11/1 and they still haven't shipped my cards. Although they said they were putting things together a few days ago. Fingers crossed.

  7. Good luck with COMC. I figure if I'm waiting I may as well keep buying cards. It can't stay at this bad forever right?

  8. That black refractor Pedro is a beauty! I really wanted Pedro to do well in the postseason with the Phillies and end his career properly with a World Series victory over the Yankees, but oh well...