Sunday, June 6, 2021

COMC ya later

Time for me to finish documenting my last (ever? for a good while, at least) COMC shipment. Here's some other cards I got.

One of the greatest sunset cards of all time. Soak it all in!

Minnie mini. Cute, right?

As a lover of shiny cards, I had to check for any cheap eTopps cards of interesting players, scoring this pair of hurlers.

A couple more refractors and a relic card of a stadium wall. My plan when I bought the Warning Track card was to use the piece of Three Rivers Stadium to make a custom featuring someone besides J.D. Drew. Maybe I'll get to that someday.

GITD! My glow-in-the-dark minicollection got a nice boost from this order. I was able to complete the set of 10 glowing Garbage Pail Kids cards from 2013. Better yet, Junior was the final card I needed to finish off The Franchise glow-in-the-dark parallels from 1997 Score.

Maybe I'll take a closer look at these sets next time I do another post focusing on glow-in-the-dark cards.

To finish with the hits, here are 3 miscellaneous autographs.

The Fred Valentine was an impulse buy way back on Valentine's Day of 2020. Red Real One autographs from Heritage are always neat.. even if the player wasn't all that notable.

The Todd Van Poppel auto was bought as a gift for 1991 me.

Jerry Layne is the first autograph added to my budding group of "thumbs up" cards.

That's a wrap! Thanks for reading.


  1. My latest package has been stuck in transit across the border since May 4. Maybe it got quarantined.

  2. I never think to look for eTopps cards.

  3. I've never seen an O-Pee-Chee card with an "Announced his retirement" text. That's awesome!

  4. Hoping my January order arrives before late July

  5. eTopps is a nice pick. Totally off my radar but shouldn't be. And are ALL those Warning Track cards Three Rivers?

    1. Ha, yeah seems to be.. a whole insert set of "wall" relics from Three Rivers.

  6. It's nice to see some eTopps cards pop up on blog posts from time to time, because it's easy to get caught up with all of the other things out there for us to collect and forget about those shiny cards.

    And thanks for sharing that Warning Track relic. I check out COMC and now I'm eyeing a Bonds they have.

  7. I always forget that there even was an eTopps.