Friday, June 4, 2021

Wally Joyner 2004 Topps Retired refractor autograph

I finally got to check another card off my #1 collecting goal ever: 2004 Topps Retired Signature Edition refractor autographs.

Wally Joyner popped up at an overpriced buy-it-now and I jumped on it. It's the first one I've ever seen for sale, so I'm not about to wait around for another one to hopefully surface with a low opening bid (though with my luck, one will now). 

This particular one isn't even in great shape. The case is pretty scuffed up (I tried to polish it up a bit with that stuff for that, but couldn't clear it up much). Also, the autograph has darkened; it's not the bright, bold blue sharpie that you like to see. And check out the little piece of cardboard stuck inside the case in the lower left corner. I see that with these cards from time to time, but this might be the worst offender I've seen so far. I believe this is caused by the cards being transported to the signer (and then back to Topps) in corrugated cardboard boxes, then a Topps employee would take the cards from the box and place them in those snap cases, and apparently they didn't worry too much about making sure things were clean before snapping the card in. If I had a good "donor" case, I might consider swapping the card out for a cleaner display.

Despite it being an expensive purchase to be considered upgradeable, no regrets over this trip to Wally World. I don't think I get a bigger thrill out of the hobby than when I secure a needed '04 Retired refractor. Eight more of these beauties left to track down.

Joyner is a Hall of Very Good type of player. Burst onto the scene putting up impressive numbers but wasn't able to quite keep it up long enough to become Cooperstown worthy. I enjoyed rooting for him during his stint in San Diego. Seems like a good guy.

Welcome aboard, Wally!


  1. You're getting close now! Congratulations

  2. Great card and find! Totally gotta jump on the rare ones when they pop up!

  3. Joyner had a solid career and is a perfect example for the hall of very good. I remember getting excited every time I pulled one of his cards back in 1987. Congratulations on crossing this card off of your wantlist. I feel like a few of my topps retired autographs have changed colors. not sure about the cardboard thing though.

  4. Was always a big fan of Joyner, congrats on the purchase!