Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Gavin Sheets PC

Gavin Sheets became the 4th man named Gavin to play Major League Baseball last night, following in the footsteps of misters Floyd, Cecchini, and Lux.

Congrats, Mr. Sheets!

The 25-year old went 2-4 with 2 RBI in the White Sox 7-6 win over the Twins. 

Pretty cool.

Here's my Gavin Sheets PC as it stood on the day of his debut.

A few decent Bowman cards.

Most of my Topps cards of him are autographed, lol. The Heritage is a glossy parallel.

A pair of numbered Panini cards and a minor league issue.

Nice selection of Leaf cards here!

And a slabbed auto. Sharp looking card.

Just pulled the trigger on the Topps Now card for his debut.. which is designated as a "Call Up" not a "RC". Probably too late to get him into Update, but I'd expect him to get the rookie card treatment next year. I'm more or less content with the PC as it stands (I don't plan to chase his rookies or whatever), but I'm always happy to receive more cards of his in trade. Let's hope he has an outstanding career ahead of him!


  1. Cool to see another Gavin make the bigs. That Barons card looks like a '93 Score knockoff.

  2. That's a strong baseball name as well. It's no Skye Bolt or Chadwick Tromp, but Gavin Sheets has a nice ring to it.

  3. I love the Leaf Clear brand. And yours in a Christmas card to boot! Nice player collection!

  4. Great start... right out of the gates. Hopefully his MLB career lasts longer than Craig Wilson's.

  5. You have a pretty nice PC going there.