Friday, April 1, 2022

A delicious new direction for the blog

Welp, longtime readers know this has been coming for a while now. 

Yep, I've decided to make it official and convert Baseball Card Breakdown from a cardblog to a foodie blog called Baseball Card Breakfast. Going forward, I'll put aside the cardboard and instead showcase exciting delicacies to make your mouth water.

Today's menu item is a Pop Tart Twizzler Sandwich.


- Pop Tarts or storebrand equivalent (x2 pastries)
- Twizzlers (x3 ropes)
- Fruity Pebbles (1/4 cup cereal)

Cut (3) Twizzlers in half and place them on a piece of aluminum foil and put that on a skillet on the stove on medium-low heat for a few minutes. Don't overcook them, we're just softening them up a bit. 

I like to toast my Pop Tarts while the Twizzlers are on the stove. You'll probably want a fruity variety of Pop Tart for this, such as Strawberry. In this example, I've used a Cherry pairing from the storebrand box of pastry treats.

If you've got any Fruity Pebbles cereal on hand, go ahead and sprinkle some onto the sandwich to add a satisfying crunch. You could also substitute similar fruity cereal such as Trix or Crunch Berries.

Slap on the other Pop Tart and you're good to go. It'll likely be crumbly, especially if you've toasted the tarts, so this is one sandwich you may want to eat with a fork. Optionally, garnish with a scoop or two of ice cream.

Real talk: If you're watching your caloric intake, this might not be the snack for you. I haven't done the math on it, but a licensed nutritionist would likely dissuade you from making Pop Tart Twizzler Sandwiches a regular part of your diet. Still though, for a special occasion, it's a wonderful treat. Maybe do a few jumping-jacks afterwards to balance out the health implications.

Happy Eating and remember to come back for more incredible food creations here on Baseball Card Breakfast!


  1. As a foodie myself, I would welcome an actual baseball card / food hybrid blog if someone could make it work!

    In what's not an April 1st trick of my own, I used to enjoy eating poptarts toasted and then putting butter on them (non-frosted poptarts only). Pretty sure I should have done a lot more jumping jacks after a breakfast like that back in the day.

  2. I can see my kids eating that...

  3. That looks really good. If I make one, I might add some frosting or something in the middle to hold it all together.

  4. I got diabetes just looking at those pictures.

  5. You could probably get away with this switch, too.

  6. I could definitely see this being popular with some of my students. Personally... I like all three on their own, but this combo is a little too much.

  7. Knowing i don't like the ingredients, i probably wouldn't try it. Smore poptarts for the win!