Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bucky Bleeping Dent

Was watching this guy on eBay for a week.. low opening bid.. looked good. Set an alarm for it and everything. Walking the pup to a dog-friendly pub for an after-work beer and some free wi-fi for tv show downloadin'. Right when we get there, the alarm goes off. I hustle to a table, whip out my laptop, and refresh the page, but FUUUUUU.... just seconds too late: "this auction has ended." And so cheap, too! I would have bid 2 or 3 times more than the winning bid. I felt so bad I just wanted to stab myself in the throat and bleed out in front of all the patrons at the establishment; a shocking scene that would be sure to horrify the entire nation. To be honest, I kinda regret not doing just that.

Ok, maybe I'm over-reacting, but I feel like I need to be sure the "breakdown" aspect of Baseball Card Breakdown is represented to some degree. Sorry.

To make matters worse, I got mixed up and grabbed the wrong tupperware container.. meant to grab the bone and chicken scraps for the pup, but accidentally grabbed the container of pork juice the bone had been marinating in. DAMN! That was another big kick in the crotch when I was already down. I could barely enjoy my Humboldt Hemp Brown. We then swung by the dog park, so I think my dog has forgiven me, but will I ever forgive myself?

Oh well, I'll get that Bucky one of these days. It went pretty cheap, like I said. But funny enough, I think that's the first one I've seen available. That's in contrast to the Darren Daulton and Dale Murphy from that set, which always seem to have several copies up on eBay or COMC.


  1. You should try one of the free eBay sniping services. I personally use gixen. Just use your eBay login, type in the auction number and your max bid and it will place a sniping bid for you just seconds before the auction ends.

  2. Hmm.. sounds good.. I'll look into it. Thanks for the tip!