Saturday, May 29, 2021

Active dudes

I should probably hurry up documenting my last COMC haul. Already got some Sportlots orders on the way and I don't want to fall too behind!

I don't mess with new cards that often these days, so "flipper madness" and this whole thing about no more cards sold at Target or Walmart doesn't affect me much. But I collect my share of active players and will occasionally pull the trigger on cards that catch my eye.

I wanted to score myself one of those fancy Instavision inserts from Stadium Club and got this one from 2017 featuring Kris Bryant. I believe these are case hits, therefore usually pricey. I got a good deal on this one ($5.23) before he started being good again (and now they're like 3x that). I like how it commemorates the Cubs finally winning it all. Nice baseball memory.

Cheap numbered cards from a couple low-key PCs of mine, Walker Buehler and Seth Beer.

Rhys Hoskins has turned out to be one of the main active players I collect. He's good enough to get into many insert sets, but not good enough to the point he's one of the most expensive cards in such sets. So like when I see a neat Knothole Gang card on the blogs and want to grab one for myself-- or maybe a 1970 Cloth Sticker insert from 2019 Topps Heritage-- I can do a search by cheapest first and Rhys is often a familiar name to find and add to my cart.

I went on a Michael Lorenzen bender one day last spring and bolstered my PC of the sorta two-way player with this solid lot. Bummed he's been hurt this season.

And speaking of the Reds, I grabbed some Joey Votto refractors, as well.

Juan Soto here with a couple sharp-looking cards.

And we'll wrap it up for today with this trio. I think I just searched Mike Trout by cheapest serial-numbered card and ended up with this stat line parallel. Franmil Reyes was a fun player in the Padres lineup for a brief while before being shipped to Cleveland. And Manny Machado is going to be around San Diego for a long time. "2019 Panini Prizm - Illumination - Prizm" is another shiny insert set that caught my eye on the blogs and snagged an example for myself.

- --o

Unrelated, but R.I.P. Gavin MacLeod.

Passed away today at age 90. Best known as the captain of the Love Boat but had a pretty interesting career. Growing up, he was the only other Gavin in the world (as far as I could tell; the name's more popular these days), so always felt kind of a weird kinship with him. I've got his autograph (or most of it, at least) in my card collection via this 12/25 auto scored back in 2014.


  1. I'm not a very big Kris Bryant fan, but that Instavision card is sweet. Also love the Soto Crusade!

  2. It's always sad to see famous people from our childhood whether or not they are athletes, musicians, or actors pass away. I can't speak for others, but the majority of the time... it just reminds me that I'm creeping up in age. Rest in peace Mr. MacLeod.

    P.S. 98% of the time... 90's inserts trump modern day inserts. But the new SC Instavision cards definitely look nicer than the ones produced back in 1997.

  3. That Instavision looks really nice. Didn't know about McLeod, too bad. I always enjoyed him on the Mary Tyler Moore show.

  4. Excellent post and great haul. I’m actually partial to the Panini Prizm Illumination Machado you have there.