Friday, November 5, 2021

A little of that and a little of this

This Jorge Soler triple relic auto I pulled back in 2016 ticked upward recently thanks to his World Series MVP performance. Neat.

Now it's my turn to show off some Buster Posey cards. Got a Bowman "basic rainbow trio" with the paper, chrome, and refractor for whatever year that is. Plus a couple 2018 refractors and a fishfractor (prism).

More of my shiny Busters. Not a full PC post, just some highlights.

Got a RC that's probably my best card of his, complemented here by a manipatch version that came out three years later.

Enjoy your retirement, sir.


Last month I made my all-time biggest hobby purchase and my all-time biggest hobby sale. Just one-offs, though, not making a habit of it. But yeah, sold a guy my available Hank Aaron auto and available Stan Musial auto. I already talked more about this in a draft or two I haven't gotten around to posting, so sorry if I mention this again in the future. Anyways, the guy gave me a chunk of change plus a couple bricks of "PC guy" cards to seal the deal. 

This Big Mac Rated Rookie might be the card I was most excited for. I've had a lot of McGwire cards over the years, but never this one. Back in the early 90s, I bought his '85 Topps card for like whatever is a lot of money to a middle school kid, and it was among my best cards. Helped me enjoy that big home run summer with him and Sosa all the more knowing I had a good card of his. I wasn't collecting at the time, but still had it in storage (and still have it now). But yeah, happy to score his '87 Donruss.

More highlights from the haul: a couple guys from my old stomping grounds.

A few more worth squeezing in. Thanks, Tyler!


Bob of the Best Bubble surprised me with a PWE. I wish all envelopes I ripped open gave me a such a friendly greeting! lol

My other favorites from the envelope.

Thanks, Bob! I hope to return the favor sometime, though I don't think I have much if anything you need and will probably have to wait till I get I'm back to making customs before I can whip up something.

Have a great weekend, everybody.


  1. Don't care much about the Giants, but I've always been a big Buster Posey fan. Still have a hard time believing I found his 2010 Topps rookie in one of those Walgreens repacks a few years ago.

  2. I's normally be admiring the Busters but in this case I'm liking those Boone autos.

  3. Hopefully we get to hear about this big purchase at some point :)