Saturday, November 13, 2021

Yu Darvish PC (by request)

How bout them 2021 Padres, huh? They were supposed to be good but then they were actually bad. I think Padres fans such as myself are pretty much numb to it by this point. Oh well, "we'll get 'em next year."

Last year around this time, I showed off my Blake Snell PC when he joined the Padres and expectations were rising. In the comments, Zippy requested a similar post for my Yu Darvish cards, another All-Star starter San Diego acquired suddenly, whom I had also already been collecting for a while. But I had some unfinished business there because I was in need of an autograph and well.. I just finally scored one!, so let's whip up this by-request post, better late than never.

Here it is. I had decided I wasn't going to cheap out with an unlicensed stickergraph but rather find a nice on-card auto. I really liked the look of this Finest refractor and ended up winning it.

And check the serial number near the bottom... Christmas Card! Yep, this card was a bullseye-hit for my collection.

Kicking off the rest of the collection with some Topps flagship, Chrome, n' stuff.


More various Topps.

Yu on old Topps designs.

Heritage insert and some Ginter.

Panini cards.

Some neat stuff to close out the post. Cool cards from his early days (he was apparently very expressive on the mound back then!), plus a relic I pulled back in 2015.

I still don't have any Padres cards of his, but it's no surprise seeing as I haven't busted any 2021 product or done much trading this year. But yeah, I'm up for any Yu Darvish cards not pictured in this post. He pitched okay for San Diego, but a definite step down from when he was the Cy runner-up with the Cubs in 2020. Hopefully he bounces back for a strong 2022 and maybe then the Padres will actually be good.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to make any requests for PCs of mine you might be interested in checking out in a future post.


  1. I hope Yu gets it back too. He is one of my PC guys because I believe he will be at it for long enough to mount some great numbers.

  2. Like you and Johnny... I PC him too. Sure hope he bounces back after that horrible second half. He's on the Padres payroll for the next two seasons and he's already into his mid 30's, but that awesome first half showed fans he's worth the money when he's healthy.

    P.S. Love the shiny autograph... and those Japanese baseball cards.

  3. The Finest autograph is really cool. I like the relic with Tanaka as well! Fun card.

  4. Hard to believe that if/when baseball is played next year Darvish will have been in the bigs for 10 years. Seems like just yesterday he made it stateside. Sweet collection.

  5. I don't know anything about the player, but it looks like "Yu" got a pretty impressive collection going there :)