Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A swinging strikeout with Archives

I'm in the middle of Week One of my 3-week Summer Sabbatical 'Stravaganza. It's going pretty good so far. Today I went to Target, picked up the wedding bands from a jewelry store in an Asian mall, then took a little hike with the pooch. Tomorrow I've got a dentist appointment and will try to squeeze in an oil change. Go me; being productive and non-lazy with my time off!

But this is a baseball card blog, so enough boring personal details. At Target I bought a couple t-shirts and a sweatshirt (all on clearance, of course), and used my buck-off coupon on an Archives jumbo pack. I figured I was due something cool after my snorer of a hobby box, right?

Nah, the jumbo pack was a dud, too. Some decent base cards (Bryce, Gwynn, Wacha) and a Kershaw AS insert. That's it. I won't even bore you with pictures. Yawn. Darn you, Topps! That does it for me this year as far as new product. Enjoy your Series II, A&G, Update, n' whatever. Topps will have to wait until 2015 to get any more of my money.. directly, at least.

So this is a non-post today. Just checking in, really. I will say that I've been working up a couple fun contests for the blog this month. Stay tuned for those.

Speaking of contests, Too Many Verlanders is cranking the generosity up to eleven with an awesome giveaway/contest, so don't be shy, head over and claim a couple remaining lots while you still can.

Oh, trade update: I was able to secure that Bip printing plate from ARPSmith today. (Took a while because he was traveling and stuff.) With that trade agreed upon, I'll now round up some PWEs for the other digital-handshake deals brought up in my Archives trade bait post comments a week or so ago. If you wanna swing a trade with me, now's the time to do it while I've got some time on my hands, because next week is Hawaii, then the week after that I'll have a bunch of family in town for the reception party back home. It's gonna be a hectic 2nd-half of the month, for sure. Fun, though.

Well, thanks for reading and take care.


  1. That is awesome that you got the Bip printing plate. Sorry you didn't have much luck with Archives.

  2. Get all four Bip printing plates and you can print endless Bips and Bip everyone forever!

  3. I've been in Hawaii for the last week. You will love it