Saturday, June 28, 2014

More and More Marquis

I've been overwhelmed with great bunches of cards showing up in my mailbox this week. That's great, of course, but as they mount up, it can be stressful knowing I need to give them all their due on the blog, and trying to keep straight who sent what. Still, a nice problem to have! Actually I'm more stressed out due to a big family BBQ at my place today, then the wedding reception tomorrow. I'm sure it'll all go fine, but it's still a big source of anxiety. Hectic weekend.

But back to cards, Max at Starting Nine kindly sent in a PWE with 3 wonderful drops in my Marquis Mania bucket. Bo from Baseball Cards Come To Life also added another one among a sweet-ass box of cards which I'll have to cover more in a future post.

I went ahead and filed all the 1990 Upper Deck #9 Marquis Grissom cards that've stacked up since I last added to the binder. It came to a clean 21 pages. My calculator tells me that adds up to 189. Add to that the card on the spine and I've got 190 copies (I did that calculation in my head, not to brag). Looking good.

Thanks, Max! I'll give you some extra entries in the contest. And thanks, Bo! I've just about got a return box loaded up for you.

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