Friday, June 27, 2014

Once a Gavin...

Matt from Once a Cub was kind enough to send me a couple Gavin Floyd cards for my Greatest Gavins collection.

I do need these, Matt; thanks! Can't have too many Autogavphs. This one's #'d 147/300.

Gavin Floyd bounced back from Tommy John surgery to put up a stellar ERA+ of 139 in 9 starts for Atlanta. His comeback was shortlived, however, as he underwent surgery yesterday to repair a fractured bone in his right elbow. He'll miss the rest of 2014. Bummer. His record for the year was 2-2, keeping his lifetime record at an even 72-72. Love his consistency! As far as I know, he hasn't gotten any cards put out this year. That sucks. Hopefully he's included in Update. I'd like to get at least one card of him as a Brave. He's a free agent after the season.. and who knows if he'll be able to mount another comeback. Oh well. Best of luck to you, Gavin!

I was gonna try to do a big post updating all the Gavin cards I've gotten since the last Greatest Gavins post (Floyd and otherwise), but I'm just way too busy right now. A bunch of family is in town for our delayed wedding reception this weekend. Fun, but way more stressful on us than the wedding, ironically enough. Lots to do and get done, and running out of time. I'm gonna try to hit the card show tomorrow, but we'll see if I can fit it in.

But wanted to at least post this to say Thanks, Matt!.. I'll assign your extra entries into the contest, and hope to return the favor with some Cubs one of these days.

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