Monday, September 8, 2014

Marquis Mania update

Brewer Buddy Tony L. dropped a couple 1990 Upper Deck Marquis Grissom #9's on me recently (plus a Bryce deckle for good measure).

So let's use this opportunity to see where I am in my goal of a binder full of nothing but 90 UD Grissoms.

After the therapeutic sensation of paging a stack of several cards from Sportlots, P-Town Tom, and Tony L., I arrived at a total of 25 full pages, plus 1 card on the spine.

That's 226 cards.

Just 774 cards left to go!

Thanks, Tony! And everybody else, if you've got any 90 UD Grissoms to spare, send 'em my way.

P.S. The always generous Matt from Bob Walk The Plank has a "comment to enter" contest going, so go comment to enter if you haven't yet!


  1. Glad you got the cards, and I hope you enjoy the Harper too!

    1. I do! He may have been overshadowed by Marquis Mania. Perhaps I need to start Bryce Bonanza.

  2. You're a sick man and I can't wait to see you make it another 774 cards towards completing this totally maniacal set!

    Go, defgav, go!