Monday, September 29, 2014

Roberto Clemente is Alive!

...via the magic of enchanted cards, where the power of imagination brings your wildest baseball card dreams to life. With this post, we whimsically wrap up Clemente-mber, in tribute to a great man.

That's one's a bit Python-esqu, but stick with me.

Yeah, that one's kinda creepy, but now we're getting to the good stuff.

That one would have looked better as a horizontal card, but I wanted to stay somewhat true to the original (and was too lazy to mess with photoshopping the text). --The original, which by the way is a "bummer card", with Clemente appearing to react defeatedly to a called third strike. How unfortunate that one of the very few "action" cards of Clemente out there depicts such a negative moment. Oh well. I did my part to help right that wrong. Here's the cool source image I used:

Thanks to whomever made that gif from video.

Repeat alert. Here's a blinker I first posted a few months ago:

Next, here are a couple fantasy cards.

This is the type of card I pull in my happiest dreams:

Lastly, here's a card-that-never-was I whipped up as sort of a nod to multiple-exposure cards Upper Deck put out back in the day:

I think this one's pretty neat, even if I did fudge the dimensions a little. I got lucky finding 2 amazing overhead photos from a moment apart. Big ups to the photographer, apparently snapping these shots from up in the Astrodome's rafters.

Thanks for visiting and celebrating Clemente-mber with me!


  1. The In Action card is my favorite. Nice work! I wish every month could be Clemente-mber!

  2. Those are awesome. I wrapped up Clemente-mber by getting a card I won off Listia in the mail today. It was a Cooperstown card from 2012. I will show it in a future blog.

  3. Very cool! My favorites are the In Action and the 1992 Upper Deck! Very well done!

  4. What dark magic is this?!? Keep your distance, foul sorcerer!!!

    Most of these are cool... but I have to say the "blinky" cards just freak the crap out of me.

  5. Whoa, that stuff's phenomenal! Especially the '72, ' 72 IN ACTION and the UD. My jaw almost dropped off on the IN ACTION card. Great work!

  6. Thanks, guys! Glad you like em (and yes, I realize the blinky ones are kinda creepy, haha). But yeah, these were fun to make.

  7. Love the action cards. Someday it will be possible to collect gif cards that will constantly be in action and you can say it all started here. By the way, I think the vintage 1972 in action Clemente card is not showing Clemente reacting to a bad strike call. It is showing the pre-at bat gyrations that Clemente always did to loosen his neck. He had chronic pain from a car accident that messed up his back early in his career. I do think your image of Clemente at bat would have been better though. Nice post.