Thursday, July 6, 2017

Cardboard de lo Habitual

Judson from My Cardboard Habit and I have been swapping cards for a few years now, and he always packs a punch.

I've been going back and trying to fill some key needs in my Kris Bryant PC, and his 2014 Bowman card is a big one. I recently got the Chrome version from JBF's Big Fun Game, and now I've got the regular version to pair with it thanks to Judson.

The star power continues with a couple sweet 2017 parallels. That's a tasty rainbow Trout. And howbout a peach for desert; Bryce Harper peach parallel /199, that is.

Here're those 2 big guys again, joined by Carlos Correa. I'm surprised this is the first I'm seeing of these "1951 Bowman reproduction art card" refractors from in 2017 Bowman. They look great.

Hopping over to 2017 Inception, here's a Chris Sale base card and a Trea Turner purple parallel #/150.

We close out with a pair of parallels from 2017 Gypsy Queen, including a purple Giancarlo (/250) and a missing nameplate Machado.

Great stuff!! Thanks as always, Judson! I hope our trades never stop.


  1. My memory is a bit hazy with the 20,000 sets released every year, but I'm pretty sure the '14 Bowman was the first Bryant card I ever owned.

    Maybe Topps'll continue the fruit-themed parallels in upcoming sets...perhaps a pear-allel? (I'll see myself out.)

  2. Great stuff from Judson there! And Nick, that was definitely a groaner.