Sunday, May 5, 2019

A pair of big Bobs

My 1964 Topps setbuild is clawing toward 3/4 complete, and I recently picked up a pair of key cards. I had been after a '64 Bob Roberto Clemente for a while now. I thought it'd be fitting to use my Q1 eBay Bucks on a vintage Clemente (since the majority of those eBay Bucks came from buying his autograph), but truth be told, my Bucks had already been depleted by the time I ended up snagging this PSA 4 specimen in late April. (--though I did use an 8% eBay Bucks promo on it, so the cycle continues.)

A little off-center on the front, and the corners aren't perfect, but I'm very happy with it.

And the other '64 Bob I added last month is another baseball legend in his own right...

Roberto Bob Uecker! Another personal favorite I was happy to reel into my collection. And this one was fully funded by eBay Bucks.

Uecker is a high-number, too. Similar to the Clemente, it leans to the left, but seems the relatively sharp corners and unrubbed trivia answer helped it secure a PSA grade of 6, among the highest examples of the very few slabbed cards in my modest setbuild.

You may be wondering if I plan to free these two beautiful Bobs so I can caress them in my hands and get a good feel-- but no, I intend to keep them safe in their plastic prisons for now.

Thanks for poppin' by!


  1. there are more plastic Bobs out there than you probably realize. I don't usually comment on someone else's Bobs, but these are quite firm looking.

  2. Love both of these cards. Not that my opinion matters... but I would probably keep them in their cases as well.

  3. Are you building this set graded, or just picking up graded cards of the tougher players?

    1. Yeah, the vast majority of my set is ungraded, lower/mid condition. But when I go to track down a big name player (that could be prone to counterfeiting), I'll sometimes splurge on a slabbed card like these.

  4. Thanks for showing off your Bobs! ;)

  5. It's not every day that you see a set of Bobs like that, thanks for posting and congrats!

  6. Resisting the urge to add another pun/play on words here. Great cards!

  7. Love those. I just picked up 50 or so 64's this weekend for my set build. I need 105 more now. We're running about the same there. I already had the Clemente and Uecker, thankfully.

  8. Two cards I've wanted for a long time right there. Congrats!