Thursday, May 9, 2019

Beach Weekend 2019 recap

Another fun long weekend at the Oregon coast with the family.

Things got off to a horrible start when I forgot to grab my wife's stuff before we left. Ended up having to burn an hour in shitty traffic doubling back. She was cool about it, but I don't think I've ever hated myself more than at that moment. But didn't take long for that to be water under the bridge and we were on our way for realsies.

The drive out is always a bit rough for me. It's lovely scenery once you get out of the city, but all the twists and turns can be rough on me. A couple ginger pills seem to help keep car sickness at bay. I listened to a Hannibal Buress stand-up comedy album on the way to help pass the time.

Good enough excuse to show this Hannibal auto I picked up a few months ago. He's a favorite comedian of mine, so I was happy to snag this certified auto even though I've never bothered to watch that Spider-Man movie.

The past couple times we've gone, it was a bit damp and grey, so it was great to have beautiful weather this time around.

Annie always has a blast on the beach.

If you've been reading my blog for the past few years, you might know it's rare that I visit a body of water and don't snap a #walletcard photo. Here's '91 Topps Tony, my 2019 traveling cardboard companion, dipping his toe in the Pacific. Not sure if he'll get a second ocean visit, but we're contemplating a Hawaiian vacation in the fall, so maybe.

This was an accidental photo that turned out kinda cool.

Here's Annie hoppin'. Speaking of hops, Friday night's Blazers playoff game was insane. We were keeping an eye on the end of the game, mostly because my sister-in-law (my wife's brother's wife) is a big sports fan (mostly Oregon Ducks and Blazers). Turned out to be more crazy and stressful than we expected, going into 4 overtimes before Portland finally ended up victorious. So that was pretty cool, and even the family members who don't really care about sports were glad there was a happy resolution. (Sadly the team seems to have blown their wad in that game and have struggled since.)

Then Saturday was capped off by a fun game of Scattergories. My most memorable entry: "Things You Hide" starting with E? I put "erection", a bit of a gambit in a family setting, but I thought it was funny and not too obscene. Always plenty of beer and wine at these family gatherings (and way too much food). I handle the music, trying my best to please everyone with tunes from the likes of ELO, Fleetwood Mac, Beatles, Steve Winwood, and other hits of the 60s, 70s, and 80s.
(oh, and also pretty sure I saw a bald eagle earlier in the day!)

Our last night, Sunday evening we got the fire pit going. More wine to go with our S'mores.
(Oh, and since I didn't have the chance to watch Game of Thrones on Sunday night, that meant I had to stay off of social media [which for me is basically just Twitter] for a day until I was able to watch it Monday night after we got back home.)

So that wraps it up. Good times!


  1. Fun times. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love dogs. And love the beach. Sounds like the perfect getaway! Speaking of sounds... love all of the music selections you listed. Was listening to Fleetwood Mac last weekend.

  3. Looks and sounds like a great time!

  4. Nice photo story! You should make a custom card of your dog. (Or maybe you have already?)

  5. Thanks, guys!

    Gregory: Yeah, I've thought about it, but so far, the only time Anne has appeared in my customs is on the back of my Brian Giles pants relic cards, as can be seen in a Night Owl post from last year.