Friday, May 17, 2019

Cards from Canada

This post is a control in my experiment with post titles including the word "cardboard" which allegedly causes an increase in views. Will only putting "cards" in the title instead of "cardboard" make this post end up with weaker numbers than my last few posts (that had "cardboard" in the title)? We'll see! Recap post coming soon.

But yeah, Douglas from the dollar store surprised me just the other day with a few nice cards imported from up north.

Tony Gwynn relic! Nice! Looks like a brown pinstripe, which would probably indicate a late 80s uniform, despite the photo used looking like a few years later.

I think I've only got a couple other In The Game cards in my collection. I don't know much about the company, but looks like they're based in Canada and put out hockey cards as far back as the 90s. Then in the 00s, after exclusive sports card licenses became a thing, they started putting out unlicensed hockey cards, and also began putting out unlicensed baseball cards.

A couple modern Padres. Dig that green Franmil Reyes. He's been a bright spot for San Diego this year. His 13 homers lead the club.
Mike Thompson didn't fare great in the majors and has been out of the game for years, but still, always kinda neat to get a certified auto in a blind trade.

And lastly some old school oddballs. I don't recall seeing those General Mills stickers before, but the bilingual text indicates they're a Canadian release. Cool addition to my Garvey PC.
And I love vintage Winfield cards I need, and hell, I love 70s Hostess cards in general and will likely try collecting them all at some point down the line after I finish the majority of the other many sets I'm currently working on. So yeah, this one's a hit for me!

Big thanks, Doug! I'll round up a return for you shortly.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


  1. That Winfield is awesome! Good luck with the Hostess project when you start it. I've thought about collecting them too, but the panels are a little too pricey for my cardboard budget at the moment.

  2. I was debating at the Expo whether to grab a few OPCs to go along with the oddballs, but figured that the Gwynn would be harder to come by. I'm glad you liked it!