Thursday, July 15, 2021

Dwight Gooden 9-pocket PC

Picking a random completed page from my "9-pocket PC" binder...

Dwight Gooden is pretty cool, though I missed out on his impressive mid-80s heyday thanks to not getting into baseball/cards until 1990. Never quite made him a "PC guy" of mine, but feels like I've been on the cusp of doing so for years. A player like that makes for a perfect candidate for the 9-pocket PC binder I recently started up.

Doc's great Donruss box bottom from '85 gets the center spot here, with his '85 Topps card being another highlight (a remnant from my childhood collection). I tried cutting out a frame-like thing to keep the Ginter mini from moving around too much (Is this common practice for you binder guys?). The Stadium Club card is a Chrome parallel I pulled (not to be confused with the stand-alone Stadium Club Chrome set).

The backs.

Some of these could be bumped out in favor of other, "better" cards that pass through my hands in the future. You'll notice these are all of the Mets variety. I suppose I should someday work in a card or two from the latter half of his career, bouncing around with teams such as the Yankees and Indians. Wish I had at least one card here with something close to complete year-by-year career stats. But still, decent page. 

I'm also fortunate enough to have 3 Gooden autographs, but they're all encased and therefore not eligible for the binder.

This 2004 Retired refractor I landed back in 2015 is probably my favorite card of his in the collection, but I also have a soft spot for his 2005 Retired auto (the first card I bought in the new house) and an Archives Signature auto #'d 1/5 on a 1992 Bowman card (won in a contest from 2 x 3 Heroes on St. Patrick's Day 2017).


  1. Yay, Gooden post! My first exposure to the mega-rookie. Always loved him. I actually hoard any of his RCs I can find! Those other autos sound sweet.

  2. Always loved the 85 Donruss box bottom card- I think the same photo was used by stadium club at some point in the last few years.

    I think my favorite Doc Gooden card might be his 92 Stadium Club where he's tearing around third base on his way to the plate.

    I'd also recommend his 1997 Upper Deck card (with the Yankees) that shows him celebrating after throwing a no-hitter.

    There are a couple 2001 cards of Gooden- Pacific has his full career year-by-year stats, Topps Traded has just his Yankee and Mets stats, followed by his full career totals.

    I've used a penny sleeve to keep a mini or smaller than standard card from moving around. The little paper cut out actually looks a little better.

  3. Was SO Exciting when he first came up. Totally electrifying. I agree - the refractor wins the day.

  4. Nah, Gooden's a Met, no need to include those other teams, he looked weird pitching for them.

    My minis are stored in tobacco pages, I can't handle them pairing up with regular-sized cards.

  5. I love what you did with the pesky mini! The autograph is cool too. There are some cool cards of him after his Yankees no hitter. 1997 Upper Deck is a good one, as he's being carried off the field on his team's shoulders.

  6. A. Doc will always be a Met to me.

    B. That box bottom has sure made a number of appearances across the blogosphere and I love it. My favorite Gooden card of all-time.

    C. BCW makes these sleeves (like penny sleeves) that hold tobacco cards that fit into 9-pocket pages. Keeps the card in place.

  7. Can't get enough of that box bottom card.

  8. I really like your idea for that mini, I would've never thought of doing such a thing!

  9. A buddy of mine really likes Doc so I always send what I have to him. THink I sent him my auto once