Friday, September 14, 2018

Dust N' Bones (Guns N' Randoms)

I'm not going to have a lot of blogging time for the next week or so. An issue at work delayed my production schedule for the month by a week, so I'm playing catch-up and won't have a lot of downtime to type up posts. Plus, much of the free time that I do have is spent working on my big List of Baseball Cards in Film and TV which is coming along wonderfully and is fun to research and I think will be a big hit, but takes a lot of time digging and building.

So for the time being here's a quick "Guns N ' Randoms" post where I just show off some random recent pickups. I also use a GNR song as a title since that saves me time trying to think up a clever title or way to tie the cards together. We're now up to "Dust N' Bones", a fine but largely forgettable track off Use Your Illusion I.

In cardboard terms, "dust" could be acetate cards.. you know, because you can see through them.. or something. So let's start off with a couple clear cards.

While I pretty much consider my Roberto Alomar PC "complete enough", one thing that bothered me is that of my 2 autos of his, one is a 1988 Topps Traded card which I mistakenly thought was a buyback auto, but turned out to be non "pack-certified" (my fault for not reading the description close enough). And the other Robbie auto I got is unlicensed, plus is a Toronto card. But now this certified, on-card, licensed, Padres card checks all the boxes for me and caps off the PC nicely.

I'm really hoping Francisco Mejia pans out for San Diego. He's got a lot of potential but needs to prove he can hit major league pitching. I recently kicked up my new PC of his with a 2018 Clearly Authentic auto in the style of 1993 Finest.

Here's the pair in the light.

The backs of these cards tend to look cool too. (Although the signature on the Mejia visible from the back is a bit unfortunate.. looks like somebody doodled him pooping. lol)

Now for the "bones" portion of the post. When I think of "bones" of a card, well, I guess I'd say printing plates, right? So here are a couple printing plates I've picked up recently.

Another card for the Padres section of my collection. Looks like Cal Quantrill is currently #10 on the list of San Diego's top prospects. He was a little shaky in AA earlier this year, but improved after getting promoted to AAA. Hope he has a good season next year and makes it up to Petco before long.

And a new addition to my Gavin LaValley supercollection. Actually, it's not all that super, as there are a ton of parallels I don't have for this card. But when a 1/1 shows up, I go after it.. and figure I'll worry about the less scarce cards down the line if I decide to rainbow the card.

Believe it or not, this is my 9th LaValley plate... but it's my first black plate for him, funny enough. Most of what I've got are yellows and magentas.

So anyways, there were a couple autos from 2018 Clearly Authentic and a couple plates from 2018 Bowman.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! Best of luck to those of you out East dealing with Florence.


  1. I've never picked up a Clearly Authentic, I'll have to keep my eye out for some Braves.

  2. The Robbie auto looks pretty cool on your tablecloth. At first glance I thought it was a new parallel design before I realized it was an acetate card. LOL

  3. Acetate cards are awesome!!! I like the shot outside. Very nice!!!

  4. Dang. Super jealous of that Alomar.

  5. Love the Clearly cards, big fan of the acetates. That Alomar is a pretty impressive looking card.