Sunday, September 30, 2018

If they were full bleed: 1985 Topps edition

Here's an old blog series I haven't done in a while: If They Were Full-Bleed. It's where I mess around in Photoshop and whip up an approximation of what classic card designs would have looked like had full-bleed (no border) designs been all the rage back then like they are these days.

Be warned, it might hurt your brain to see very familiar cards turned inside-out like this!

Here's a Kirby Puckett rookie in what 1985 Topps may have looked like without borders.

And howabout Steve Carlton? Lefty's '85 Topps card isn't among his best, but getting a little more of the photo not eaten by the border doesn't hurt.

What do you think? Is it blasphemous to see '85 Topps without borders, or could you see yourself hypothetically collecting a set like this? I think it could have pulled off the full-bleed look just fine.

And here's a bonus "what if?" card for you. What would Jose Canseco's iconic 1986 Donruss Rated Rookie card look like if he had a full mustache instead of the peach fuzz?

Probably not anything like that, but I still think it's pretty funny! LOL

Thanks for reading. Have a great October.


  1. Cool concept, although I have to say definitely better with a border.

  2. Is that Wilford Brimley's 'stache?

  3. Give me an order of two borders and a bonus 'stache.

  4. Did you see the Topps full-bleed 1978 design they did earlier this year? It's as weird as what you've done

    1. Ha, I must have missed that. It's kinda cool, I guess.

    2. I grabbed a few of the Mccutchen 78 full bleeds including an autograph.

  5. great idea for future Topps reprints! i'm certain they won't give you proper credit. while i'm a fan of borders, these look good!

  6. I'm definitely torn but I think I like the full bleed. Good job on the photo shopping and more importantly I've been using the term "full bleed" incorrectly for some time. Thanks for making me smarter. Lol