Sunday, September 23, 2018


Finally found some 2018 Heritage High Number that I've had an urge to check out for whatever reason. Picked up a blaster at the grocery store yesterday.

My best pulls may have been this pair of inserts of notable AL rookies.

Some less exciting inserts.

The base cards had plenty of rookies as expected, highlighted by Acuña, Bote, Kingery, and a couple Padres pitchers.

My one parallel was a bust, as I don't collect Matt Moore. And my former Rangers trading buddy and I have apparently had a falling out, so this card doesn't do me much good. And by 'had a falling out' I mean the guy unfollowed me on Twitter, which on the cardsphere is the equivalent of falling out. Not sure what I did to piss him off. He still follows JediJeff, so I don't think it's a political thing. But hey, I myself have been known to, after a couple drinks, overreact to a tweet that rubs me the wrong way and unfollow somebody when I should have probably just let it go or at most just muted the guy for a little while. Honestly I could probably do a full post just ranting about Twitter and my tribulations with it lately. And maybe I will.

Anyways, these 4 are up for trade. I think the bottom two are SPs? Also got plenty of base available is anyone is working on the set. Maybe I'll add them to my TCDB cards available for trading. Still no trade offers there yet. Am I doing something wrong? I probably just need to keep adding more cards (both to my "wants" and my "for trade").

I also grabbed a hanger pack of 2018 Archives.

My main reason for this purchase was getting a Coming Attraction insert, which I believe are exclusive to the hanger packs, one per.. though mine was a bit of a dud with Austin Hays, who struggled in the minors this year. The multiplayer RC is probably my best pull here.. Walker Buehler has had a nice 2018 campaign.

That's it for today.
Good luck in this coming week, everybody!


  1. For what it's worth, I wouldn't mind seeing (or reading) a post about your recent Twitter woes, especially since I'm terribly curious to hear what's going on now that you've brought it up.

  2. Every time I see Archives on the blogs, I want to go buy them...but with Gypsy Queen, A&G, Series I, AND Donruss all still left unfinished in my binders, I Must. Avoid. Yet. Another. Set. This. Year.

  3. It was probably all of your hot takes about Jurickson Profar's BABIP.

  4. Someone still follows me? Time to break out the tweets about how Kuala Lumpur is actually a state created by the lizard people of Dadalius 7 and is part of their nefarious plan to force veggie burgers onto the menu at all fast food joints.

  5. You had me at Twitter drama. This is coming from a guy who has no idea how to affectively use my Twitter account outside of sharing posts. Anyways... getting back to cards... I really like the look of the Rookie Performers inserts. Remind me of something from 2001 UD Decade. And I'm crossing my fingers that I pull that Ichiro. Kudos to Topps for their cropping job.

  6. Ooh, Ichiro! I bought more Archives than I wanted to and I didn't pull that card (I did manage to get TWO of those Austin Hays cards, though).
    What's up with Longoria's bat?

    1. Ha, I didn't notice Longoria's bat at first, but yeah, looks like some photoshopping gone wrong.

  7. Not bad breaks. Too bad about the falling out. I have never seen any bad tweets from you