Friday, March 8, 2019

Did someone say "contest"?

Psych, this isn't a contest post. Sorry. But here's a vintage contest card I picked up.

I kinda hate that I bought this card. If I was a kid back in 1957 and pulled it, I likely would have just thrown it away. And why did I need to spring for a PSA 3 copy? Nobody is bothering to counterfeit this. Oh well, whatever. I put in a bid and won it for an ok price. It's a card I need for my '57 set because I'm a completist and I guess it counts as an insert. There are 4 of these contest cards, with 4 different dates (this one being the "Saturday, May 25th" card).

If anyone is curious what the winning scores ended up being:

Detroit Tigers 3
Kansas City Athletics 5

Pittsburgh Pirates 6
Philadelphia Phillies 8

I probably would have chosen the glove.

Speaking of '57 Topps, gcrl surprised me with a couple cards for my setbuild the other day, one an upgrade and one a need. Thanks, Jim!

I've got 120 needs left to go. I think I'm gonna abandon my goal of completing 1957 Topps by the end of 2019, and instead push it to 2020. I just don't think I'll be able to give the focus it would take to hammer it out in the next 9+ months.

Now to celebrate the arrival of the weekend, here are some customs/gifs I whipped up over the past couple weeks or so.

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure turned 30 recently. Classic.

I hope the rumored third film in the saga eventually becomes a reality.

If you go looking for Jose Canseco gifs, you'll mostly just find that clip of a ball bouncing off his head for a home run. But here's another one for @TheWaxHeaven and the other Canseco bros out there.

Yeah, I already posted this Jackie Robinson a few weeks back, but I scoured the Blogger terms of service agreement, and nowhere did it say that one is forbidden from repeating their own content. So here it is again!

Gotta love Alex Trebek. Very sad to hear about his failing health. Wishing him the best.

And another mellencholy one to end on. Tom Seaver is retiring from public life due to dementia. That news was a punch to the gut for all baseball fans. An all-time great, no doubt about it.

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  1. i'm always amazed by your talent Gav. These gifs are phenomenal!