Sunday, March 24, 2019

Never Dunn Ghostbustin'

Still working on building my Ghostbusters card collection.

I completed the autos available in the 2016 Cryptozoic Ghostbusters set last year, and I've since been getting "extra credit" by adding autos of cast members who weren't included in that set, and sprucing them up with custom overlays.

The latest is Kevin Dunn. He played psychic Milton Angland, a guest on Peter Venkman's TV show at the beginning of Ghostbusters 2, predicting the world will end on New Year's Eve. It wasn't a big role, but hey, I think he got more screen time than some of the dudes who had autos in the official product (such as Larry King and Ben Stein), so this isn't that much of a stretch. Dunn has 100+ acting credits under his belt since his career began way back in 1986. He's had guest spots on classic shows such as Cheers and Seinfeld, as well as been a main cast member on Samantha Who? and Veep.

He also played Shia LaBeouf's dad in the first few Transformers films, and that's where this certified auto underneath comes from.

The base set in the Cryptozoic trading cards covered the events of the first Ghostbusters movie. "But what about Ghostbusters 2?," you may ask. Well, Topps put out a set for that back in 1989. I had been dragging my feet on rounding that one up, but...

For $5 shipped, I recently picked up a near-complete set on eBay. (Seller sent them via Media Rate, which I'm pretty sure isn't allowed for trading cards, but whatever.. they eventually arrived safe.)

I'd like to fill in the holes via trades and wrap this one up, so if anyone has any available...
1989 Topps Ghostbusters 2
Needs: 6, 28, 33, 34, 48, 52, 54, 68, 70, 72, 75, 76, 81, Sticker #1

The '89 set also got paid tribute to with a reprint card in the 75th Anniversary product Topps put out back in 2013. I picked up this foil parallel of the card shortly after seeing it in a post on SCC/POMP. (I also threw the base version into my COMC inventory, though I don't have that one in hand yet.. waiting till I hit 100 cards ready to ship to hit the bonus, only a third of the way there so far.) Keeping an eye out for the other parallels, though they seem to be pretty scarce.

Rumors are a Ghostbusters 3 film is finally in production, penciled in for release Summer 2020. I'm cautiously optimistic for it, but wouldn't be surprised if it falls through (or comes out but sucks hard). But fingers crossed!



  1. Wait, so Transformers had trading cards? Wonder if that means there's a Rosie Huntington-Whiteley autograph out there somewhere.

  2. Nice add on the partial set. I need to chase down that as well. Also for some reason, I don't have many of the inserts from the Cryptozoic release. I have just a few scattered. I may attempt to get those put together.

  3. Great job on your custom! Also... I really like the header cards that Topps used back in the 80's for their non-sports set.

  4. Kevin Dunn's guest role as the annoy friend that Jerry Seinfeld can't get rid of is classic, but my favorite role of his will always be Dave. Custom looks great.