Monday, March 11, 2019

more card show keepers

My haul from this past weekend's card show was pretty much evenly split between cards for my collection (pictured left) and cards picked up with others in mind / trade bait (right).

This post will feature some more of my keepers. Again, they're all numbered parallels I picked out of a 50¢ box.

Lots of shiny here. The non-shiny card is /99.. the only copy of which on COMC right now is $10+, so I'll count that as a nice deal for me.

Red Sox legends Yaz and Dewy.

More HOFers. The Smoltz is the lowest numbered of this bunch at /100.

Slugging 3rd basemen. I'm thrilled my Padres signed Machado, but with such a big, long deal, you can't help but be nervous. But give me just one championship over those 10 years and I'll be over the moon.

More San Diego-centric cards.

New cards for my PCs of Mike Jacobs (though it's technically a Hanley Ramirez card) and Mark Buehrle (though it's technically a Paul Konerko card).

A pair of /99 Tigers.

Here are more cards. Vlad, D-Lee, and Chili.

Some hip young dudes with blue hues. Lewis Brinson has been having an incredible spring training with Miami (5 HR in 26 AB as of this writing).. maybe this'll be his breakout year.

Let's end on some thicc cards. Tribute, Triple Threads, Inception, etc.

Solid card show haul. I think I've got one more post to get out of it: the trade baits. Coming soon.


  1. Fun fact, Josh VanMeter is the guy the Padres sent to the Reds in the Luis Torrens trade.

  2. Of course the Yaz and Dewey cards are the best of the lot.

  3. Nice grabs! Lots of 90s goodness mixed in there!

  4. What is that Eric Thames card? It's awesome looking!

    1. Seems to be 2017 Topps High Tek - Pattern 1 Tidal Diffractor

  5. This is my kind of post, lots of color, and lots of shine!

  6. Cool cards of Yaz, Smoltz and Ozzie. Plenty of great cards. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Panini has great ideas. Gold Standard was a favorite of mine last year. I have the Altuve blue parallel which is gorgeous against the gold.