Sunday, March 3, 2019

Some curiosities and oddities

Somebody on Twitter was selling several of these silver framed rookie reprints that came out a few years back. While I'm as sick as anyone of Topps reprinting their notable rookie cards nearly every year, I am a sucker for metal framed cards. Like little pieces of art. They've got some nice heft to them and I love the clanking together when you've got a stack of 'em.

I ended up buying the entire lot the guy had available for a solid deal. I collect all these dudes besides Verlander (whom I'm sure I could find a good home for, and I also grabbed a dupe McCovey), so why not. Some minor surface dings on many of these (wish Topps had used a sturdier stock like Heritage), but not too bad. Neat cards.

These Deadpool cards are pretty cool. Nice to see Upper Deck have some fun with their (and Fleer's) more memorable cards from back in the day. Sort of like official customs. It's a 12 card insert set and I've only got these 9. I'd be willing to trade for the three I'm missing. Pack War did a post where you can get a better look at each card and its inspiration. I'm not all that into superhero movies (and haven't read the comics), though I liked the first Deadpool film alright and will probably watch the second one eventually.

If you were curious about the Billy Ripken bat knob, it says Chimichanga.

The backs don't mimic the original designs, but have some amusing text.

Lastly for today, here's a 2000 "Be a Dry-er Friar" set from M.A.D.D. that I got off eBay. I think this was originally a stadium giveaway. Always nice to add oddballs to my PCs. Gwynn and Hoffman are the big names here, though the inclusion of Eric Owens was probably what got me to pull the trigger on the purchase, as he's one of my favorite under-the-radar PC guys. The cards are fine, though the tab on the bottom for a free (non-alcoholic) drink makes them oversized (and obviously I'm not going to remove the tab, as no self-respecting card collector would "alter" a card in such a way!)

Man, here's a bummer. A Mike Darr "Star of the Future" MADD card.

Via wikipedia: On February 15, 2002, Darr was involved in a single-car accident in Peoria, Arizona during spring training. His blood alcohol level was over the legal limit. Both Darr and Duane Johnson, who were not wearing safety belts, were killed.


  1. Those Deadpool cards are great! I love that they didn't just use famous designs, but recreated actual cards like the Billy Ripken '89F.

    By the way, Deadpool 2 was fantastic too, I'm sure you'll like it.

  2. Lots of cool goodies here. I need to track down one of those framed Gwynns... as well as that MADD oddball issue of Gwynn. Sad to hear about Darr and seeing the irony of him being featured in a MADD set.

  3. Nice pickups...did you pick up the 9 card Deadpool lot or have you been buying them separately and you're just down to 3?

    1. Thanks. I bought a couple different lots (got some dupes between the two).. seemed to be the cheapest way to go, shipping considered. Now I'll probably just wait until/if the remaining cards show up cheap on COMC one of these days and get them there.

  4. I saw those Deadpool cards previewed on a comic site and they are awesome!!! The Dry-er Friars are fantastic too!

  5. my sis is a huge Deadpool fan but I've not seen it. I can certainly appreciate the humor found on these cards! Truly sad irony with Darr.

  6. Hello, I’m interested in purchasing those MADD Padres cards. I need many of those for my set. Please email me at if you are interested in selling any of them. Thank you