Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Setting out to strike Black Gold

I recently bought a couple cheap lots of 1992 Leaf Black Gold to help kick off that collecting idea that popped into my head last month.

These are terrific looking cards that tend to get lost in the overproduction sludge. Let's admire a few...

Cardboard masterpieces, one and all!
I've now got a spreadsheet up for this setbuild: 1992 Leaf Black Gold wantlist
While nearly every card is available at the 18-cent minimum on Sportlots, I'd love to knock off a chunk through trading before I give in and go on a shopping spree, so please let me know if you've got a few (or a stack?) of these cards available and would like to swap for something from me.

And my quest for striking Black Gold doesn't stop there.

I've also thrown the Leaf Gold Rookies inserts from 1991 and 1992 onto the end of that spreadsheet, as well as the 1993 Topps Black Gold inserts, and even the UD 5th Anniversary black reprint inserts... as all those cards exist in the same fantastic place in time in the early 90s when black contrasted with gold foil on baseball cards was just so damn cool to me.

And ok.. Maybe I'm going overboard now, but also under my umbrella of "classic early 90s  black gold  cards" are Donruss Diamond Kings from 1992 & 1993, plus the "Team 2000" inserts from 1992 Pinnacle and "Team 2001" inserts from 1993 Pinnacle. Oh, and even the 1992 McDonald's Baseball's Best cards. These have also been thrown onto the end of my Black Gold spreadsheet. I'm looking for all of 'em (even dupes would still be cool), so if you've got a bunch of unwanted junk wax taking up space, here's a good opportunity to give some of them a loving home.. At least those featuring black with gold foil in the design.

(If you know of any other early 90s baseball cards like this that I'm forgetting, feel free to let me know in the comments, though if I wasn't aware of them as a kid back then, they probably won't make it into this collecting project, as it's mostly a sentimental/nostalgic endeavor. For instance, the 1994 Topps Black Gold inserts don't really move the needle for me, as I was out of the hobby by then. But I'd still take 'em.)

I know they're not worth much today, but I'm still enthralled by these cards and would love to "complete a run" of them. Again, if you've got some to trade, won't you fill up the tank, let's go for a ride. Thanks!


  1. I've got an unopened pack "winner D" from '93T, and a few from '94 that I'll send out. I must have been focused on Fleer and Donruss that year cause I had no idea what these were and haven't paid attention since! Nice tribute to Annie last week.

  2. #375 Joe Carter and #419 Dick Schofield are headed your way, along with some other surprises :)

  3. This look is what I always feel 1991 Fleer should've been. Same design just flip the yellow and black to be black and gold. Also I can totally send you a couple dupes of these.

  4. I've never been a big fan of parallels, but the black golds were always one of my favorite.

  5. Al had a lot of the Topps Black Gold cards in his boxes. Also I picked up a dozen or so Leaf Black Golds around the same time as your first post and was thinking of you. Should have a few from both sets.

  6. Some of this set has UD quality of images. If fact, if they didn't crop so hard, I would say most could rival UD.

  7. The 1992 Leaf Gold Rookies were one of my first insert sets I built. I'm sure I have some of the cards you need sitting in my insert box. I'll shoot you an email this weekend with what I find.